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I have an interview

<![CDATA[Woohoo, I have an interview.

Before they offered me a face-to-face interview they wanted to do a telephone interview first. This consisted of a series of technical questions I really wasn't prepared for ("What's the difference between an inner join and an outer join in SQL?", "What are the restrictions on cookies?", "What do the HTTP status codes 302 and 303 mean?").

But since they offered me the interview I guess I did quite well 🙂

(On an unrelated note, "Woohoo" is not in the Google spellchecker database but "Whoop" is….)

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Comment spam

<![CDATA[Oooh, I'm now getting between ten and twenty spam comments a day. They're all obviously from the same source but all for different sites, from different names and different IP addresses. They still all have a very obvious form and content so the spam filter in WordPress is catching them.

One final odd part, they're all on the same post too…

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How inconsiderate

<![CDATA[Me and a friend of mine came up with an idea a while ago for a new website. Basically it would document really annoying things people do in a semi-anonymous way. The motivation came mainly from people being completely unable to park their car properly.

The most distinctive is one I unfortunately I have no evidence of. There was a minibus parked in a disabled parking space. Fair enough; it was probably carrying old people. The bad part is it was so badly parked that it actually blocked four parking spaces!

Anyway here’s a couple of pictures of some rather bad parking (not quite enough space to fit a car in there). It’s tough to know who to blame since we don’t know who parked first, but that white van seems quite far from the white line to the right.

This may become a regular thing… just search Technorati for inconsiderate 🙂

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Silly server

<![CDATA[I recently applied for a job and they wanted some URLs of examples of my work. At the same time my server went down 😦

But it's up again now obviously.


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Timesplitters Future Perfect

<![CDATA[I just got the new (well it's not that new now) Timesplitters game for the PS2, and wow is it cool. It's sort of a cross between Timesplitters 2, Halo and the Goldeneye sequel on the N64 (Perfect Dark?). Think Timesplitters 2 but add the ability to get into vehicles and seperate grenades and deployable guns.

The graphics are improved and are less cartoony but the whacky sense of humour is still there – whenever you kill a monkey it shouts "Chimpicide!".

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