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An EVE Signup

<![CDATA[Hurrah! Someone signed up to EVE Online following an affiliate link from my site (like the banner above if you're reading this on the actual post page).

Seems like a perfect opportunity to encourage more.

EVE Online is a persistent universe MMORPG. This means it’s a multiplayer game played over the Internet with thousands of other people. Since “thousands” is vague, I’ll be more specific. There are over 100,000 players subscribed as well as many other free accounts. When I go on (about 18:00 GMT) there are between 15,000 and 20,000 logged on.

As you can hopefully tell from the banners (again if you’re reading from the actual post page) it’s space-based sci-fi. Sort of like a modern day Elite. You can trade, fight, research, manufacture and lots of other cool things. Nearly everything in the game is player crafted (and is at least able to be player crafted) and it’s even possible to build stations and official control systems.

If that sounds like fun then sign up for a free trial account now 🙂

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