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Bulldog Broadband

<![CDATA[I saw an advert for Bulldog Broadband today on the London Underground. In large letters it offers 16 MB broadband for £9.75 a month plus telephone line rental of £10.50 a month – “cheaper than TalkTalk”.

That price is indeed less than TalkTalk, but what you pay isn’t. That price only applies for the first three months, after that it’s £14.75 a month. Not only that but you only have a 1 gigbyte/month download limit, that’s about 34 Mb a day.

Surely this is a more strenuous claim than TalkTalk’s “free boadband” and they were stopped from broadcasting that one on TV…

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6 thoughts on “Bulldog Broadband

  1. They do offer 8MB unlimited with 500k upstream speed for £19.50 a month though and in areas they cover you can do it without the need for a BT line at all – so no line rental.


  2. I read a book that said competng solely on price is a bad idea since you can’t usually choose to be the cheapest. Most complaints about TalkTalk are to do with bad service – since the others are obviously not cheaper why don’t they try to advetise a better mroe reliable service?


  3. Because they know average computer users don’t care about reliability, they care about cost. If they cared about such things as reliability, Windows wouldn’t be the dominant OS as there are many other choices.


  4. One of them repairs computers as he said in his comment so he doesn’t count as an ‘average computer user’ and the other also seems to know what he’s talking about if you check his website.


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