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EVE Voice is here (almost)

EVE have announced a second stress test on Singularity, their test server, to see how voice chat holds up in EVE. For a long time people have used external programs such as Ventrillo and Teamspeak to talk. Now (for a small fee if I remember correctly) users will be able to chat in game, hopefully in a way that is nicely integrated into the UI (and the new fleet system).

3 thoughts on “EVE Voice is here (almost)

  1. It seems silly to try and make their servers which are already having enough issues, provide a service which people are getting for free with third party software, and then asking people to pay for it too… :S

    The team speak whatnots aren’t bad at all since they run behind the EVE window in full screen and by the side if not. Who needs access to a GUI if you’re talking anyway?


  2. Their servers aren’t providing the voice chat, it’s all done through Vivox’s servers.

    I’m also assuming it’s integrated into the new fleet system so fleet commanders can quickly toggle whether to talk to everyone for a classic pre-battle motivational speech, or just talk to wing commanders to actually give orders and so on…

    Plus they mentioned the possibility of adding “voice fonts” in the future so Caldari players would all sound Caldari for example.

    And they price they been advertising is rather negligible. On the other hand I don’t usually have anyone to talk to anyway :S


  3. It is the chat system that is of limited function.

    I would be glad to see text macro bindings in EVE.

    That’s enough since I don’t think EVE is more hardcore than EQ nor any FPS games


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