Linguaphone rocks less

<![CDATA[I just picked up Linguaphone German from my local library. 4 books and 9 CDs in a large box certainly looks impressive but I don't think it's as good as Pimsleur.

Looking through the books it clearly goes to a higher level and has far more explanations of grammar in it. But I think it does it too quickly and I'm not convinced a beginner would find it much use on it's own.

For someone who already has familiarity with the language it may work quite well. Watch this space.

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3 thoughts on “Linguaphone rocks less

  1. I have used Pimsleur and Linguaphone Russian. You have to repeat small units of the lesson and press pause on Linguaphone. It is a good program to use, but not as simple as drop in a cd and press play. If used as directed it is a very good way to have an understanding of the language, 2000 words, ablity to read and write the language. Adding Russian speaking by Pimsleur. I am off to a very strong start and all self study no class time with instuctor.


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