Getting started with Galactic Horde

<![CDATA[Galactic Horde is an online strategy game that I’ve helped program. But I’ve only recently started playing. Unfortunately it can be quite a daunting idea since the game is rather complicated. This provides endless entertainment for people who have mastered it, but problems with regards to getting new players.

As such I intend to write a series of posts containg hints and tips for new players – something I am at the moment.

Unfortunately the only tip this post will contain is “Signup and try it out!”.

Galactic Horde, weg games, online games, strategy games, RTS, Schockwave]]>

4 thoughts on “Getting started with Galactic Horde

  1. There is one way that would make it easier for new players, but it may or may not be easy to implement: hide some of the more advanced features; a lot of them can’t be used by new players anyway because of insufficient resources…


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