Pimsleur’s German steps up a notch…

<![CDATA[Well I'm now on unit 3 of German II (i.e. the 33rd lesson in total) and it's definitely moved up a gear. It has finally mentioned "du" the informal version of you (which even if you never say it you certainly need to recognise) and nearly every thing you say has "interesting" grammar as well as new vocabulary

(By interesting I mean things like subordinate clauses and modal verbs which play with word order).

And of course I have to sing praise to Pimsleur again… which of course I always do since it really is amazing. 🙂

German, Pimsleur]]>

2 thoughts on “Pimsleur’s German steps up a notch…

  1. <![CDATA[I've never liked the Pimsleur method because of how slow it moves. I tried the German series, made it about 15 lessons in, and things like not having not introduced the informal du, something heard constantly in spoken German, made me feel like it was crawling along and that I would be better off doing something else.

    But then, I’m an impatient sod, so perhaps it’s just me :)]]>


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