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PSP browser support

<![CDATA[With my broadband connection came a wireless network. So I tried browsing with my PSP. And it is a lot better than I expected. Except when browsing my own blog 😦

I figured the easiest way to make it work was to send it the XHTML Basic version. So you should now be able to browse my site with a PSP without any hassle 😀

Detecting the PSP browser

Detecting a PSP is really easy. It sends a custom HTTP header: HTTP_X_PSP_BROWSER which contains the firmware version. Just check if that header is set. In PHP you just need to do:

if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_X_PSP_BROWSER'])) $psp = true;

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One thought on “PSP browser support

  1. Ooo watch yourself there – the advertising people will get you for saying your broadband comes with Wireless Networking 😛


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