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Cards and cards and cards…

<![CDATA[We are long time Sky customers and recently ordered Sky Multiroom so I could connect Sky up to my new Media Center PC. On Thursday they sent us two new viewing cards. I knew we’d need a new one but I didn’t expect two – I just figured that the change in our subscription meant the old one needed changing. Except on Friday they sent us another one. So now we have four, our old one and the three new ones.

This could lead to an interesting possibility since we actually have a spare Sky box. So we’ll have three Sky boxes (two normal and one Sky+) and three new cards. That’s a total of four signals required – exactly the amount that a single minidish can handle. Unfortunately after looking around the Sky site I found out that you need a seperate multiroom subscription for each additional box.

So why did they send us three new cards?

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