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More Kali Goodness

Yet another dev blog entry includes more information on what will be in the first two phases of Kali. Since it’s all there I’ll just summarise.

The seamless map is integral to the new scanning format and exploration. It seems the scanner interface is now built into the normal view. Lots of hidden things will now be available everywhere for people to find.

Related to the seamless map is improved combat awareness including hierarchical gangs. Have fleets of squadrons of ships along with better gang situational awareness and apparently built in voice chat.

Invention will provide a new path to tech II. Gather random materials and mix them with tech I blueprints to create limited run inefficient tech II blueprints.

Loot will be revamped. No more shiny canisters dropped from ships but actual wreckage with “components” that can be used to make rigs – things that work like implants for ships allowing greater customization.

And all this is in Kali 1, before we get factional warfare.

The Focus of Kali 1 versus Kali 2

4 thoughts on “More Kali Goodness

  1. I don’t think Eve is going to last. Even with Kali’s supposed increase in power and server capacity, CCP is in frigging ICELAND, and is limited to who they can go to get decent and affordable bandwidth.

    Their architecture and platform limits them to such an extreme, that their going to have to stop their internal game meddling with players (i.e. people that buy/sell ISK and stuff for cash), and really start working on the bugs and flaws in their architecture.

    Its a fun game.. but they limit it too much by being solely proprietary, their Geographic locaion limits AFFORDABLE bandwidths greater than OC48’s (if they even have OC192’s in Iceland).

    Their in-game policing is seriously lacking, their is really no SERIOUS consequence for “Pod Killing” in the game, which can literally put a player that has trained and trained for months, all the way back to the beginning. Then, players that may have been victim of Pod killing.. decide to try to Strip Mine whole systems, get warnings by the Admins of their ONLY Server “Tranquility”, that they are in violation, or if they receive too many large donations from friends, they get the donations reversed…… sigh.

    But the game itself rocks, management and administration as well as many of their Rules are above and beyond the norms of most MMORPG’s, and in-game management seriously lacking. They don’t have the bandwidth and cater to our population more, than the US and Canada.


  2. Thats more than likely True, Oliver.

    It is a great game, and I surely do hope that Kali fixes many of the problems with the game. The game itself is great. Fans like me really do think it brings a very unique feel to the genre.

    The seemless contructs and the great graphics are a benefit for many space/sci-fi lovers out there.

    There still is the fact that there are very few in-game consequences for some actions. If CCP is trying to make it a player run universe, then the architecture should reflect that. Player Killing (PvP) is an aspect that is in many MMORPG’s, but in most MMORPG’s, their is a distinct consequence for that.

    Destroying a player’s ship, is one thing.. Wiping them out (Pod Killing) is another.

    Some players, work for months and months to gain skills and make hundreds of millions of ISK to buy Implants to improve their skills and abilities in order to have a more enjoyable experience, however.. once you are “Podded”, you better have a “Clone” somewhere, or you loose all those trained skills…… and regardless if you have a Clone or not… you loose all those expensive Implants. And the consequence for Podding another player is no real different than just blowing up their ship.. Ships have Insurance, but that only covers the cost of the ship, not the outfitting of weapons, bays or other controllers.

    The admins of the servers like to meddle with individual players more than fix the problems in the game itself. That is one of the largest complaints that I have heard and witnessed myself.

    On the Plus side, the in game content is really good, if you like to read storylines and do cosmos missions.. but soo many just repeat/recycle over and over again.. after a while.. it is mundane again. The rich history and storys get boring again.. like watching a movie over and over and over again….

    All that is left.. is “Pirate Hunting” or “Pirating”.. In the end.. you are left wondering why you pay $14.95 a month.


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