Civilization IV rocks

<![CDATA[I bought Julia Civilization IV for Christmas. It's something I wanted myself but my computer only just reaches the minimum specs. But we installed it anyway and on the lowest settings it does run (although it runs "fine" it's really unstable after about half an hour and prone to crashing).

If you don't know, Civilization is a game where you control a civilization from ancient stone age times through to the near future (the last technology you develop allows travel to Alpha Centauri). This version adds a lot to the basic idea though.

The biggest addition is religion. It was always going to be a touchy subject but since religion has had a huge impact on Civilization they couldn't ignore it forever. All the religions in the game are basically handled the same, the only differences being what you need to do to found them. The fact that you can found them can cause events that are vaguely blasphemous (Like founding both Buddhism and Christianity in London) but this is really no worse than warfare between two countries that never fought each other in the real world.

I can't really describe all the coolness here but anyone remotely interested in the genre should go out and buy this game.

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2 thoughts on “Civilization IV rocks

  1. Definitely a great game, I went and got it for myself almost immediately after I saw it!!! Just…….one……more……turn!!!


  2. It also helped me answer a question in a quiz. It asked where Corinth was and I knew because it’s one of the cities used for Greece 🙂


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