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TalkTalk internet active

<![CDATA[Well with my various posts about problems with TalkTalk I should probably point out that I did sign up. Less than a month later and it’s now live. And contrary to my expectations everything seems fine.

My router reports a connection speed of about 2.2 Mbit/s and I’ve had a combined download speed of about 120KB/s (including about 50KB/s from a peer-to-peer program). The only negative thing is that my modem and start up pack hasn’t arrived (my official go-live date was yesterday) but since I have a router and I’m perfectly capable of setting it up that’s not a major problem).

Also, my upstream bandwidth is apparently 288 Kbit/s. Not wonderful but good enough to stream reasonable video (I’ll post more about a cool app called Orb some other time.

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11 thoughts on “TalkTalk internet active

  1. pulling my hair out cant get thro to them cant receive or send e-mails tried step by step with outlook express.Can I change e-mail sender eg hotmail.Please help feel like chucking computer out.


  2. I swear talktalk have a problem with me using my old router, ive never had a problem with it before, i connect it up. Few hours later its not working they wont help me setup my router so i can go online gaming (ps2), even though reading about talktalk before initially signing up with them i swear they said online gaming was meant to be better, (expecting a bt hub style router i get a cheap and crappy usb modem) i never had a problem with bt they bent over backwards to help me regreting changing now, im thinking im signing up for a 3 month contract with talktalk, yer try it out see what its like only 3 months but then find out when its too late that its actually 18 months, they say you get nothing for free in this world, good job it is free because talktalk broadband is worthless.


  3. I installed Talktalk broadband on 2nd March and have today asked to be disconnected. The customer service is appalling, the service at least three times slower than my prvious dial-up. They are threatening to charge me £72 to disconnect, which I consider tho be a real cheek considering the fact that they have not provided the service promised, and I have no intention of paying it. Anyone considering a switch, think twice!


  4. I have a Mac and have no problem accessing most sites. However, I use Yahoo web-based mail and seem to be having some difficulty accessing this, at times. I can read an email but when I go to reply it takes forever and then informs me that it can’t find the server or some rubbish. Try again, blah, blah, blah!!!! I’m not sure what’s happening, any suggestions?????????? I’ve tried both Safari and Firefox.


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