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Any voice talent out there?

Foreign language voice talent needed for the still-unnamed language learning application.

I have a series of phrases I need recording with a total audio time of about five minutes. I need them in as many languages as possible (although if it isn’t English, German or Finnish then I’ll also need them translating – they are really simple by the way). My main requirements are that the recording is good quality and that you are a native or fluent speaker of the language.

After looking around the Internet for a bit I discovered I could technically afford the hourly rate of most voice actors marketing themselves on the Internet – except they all had rather high minimums which made my five minutes very expensive (although I realise five minutes of audio takes more than five minutes of work). As well as money I can also offer a link and a review which has to be worth something (after all people are paying me for links that have nothing to do with the content of the site and presumably think it’s worth it).

If you’re interested, email me with the language(s) you could do and a quote (and preferably a sample but I acknowledge that this approach is hardly targeting professionals).

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