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Let the research begin…

As a follow up to my post about becoming a scientist in EVE Online I can now report I am now officially researching.

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be generating any cool tech II blueprints for a while though. I am generating 3.8 research points a day. Although I don’t have anything to compare that with, it doesn’t sound like many to me. So right now I’m busy doing agent missions for Lai Dai – the corporation that my research agent belongs to – in an effort to increase standing and therefore the number of RPs I get.

There are lots of little things I’d like to know (and I’ll test and find out if no one tells me) about research. Like do any improvements in skills or standing take an immediate effect or do you have to stop researching and start again? And do the points you’ve accumulated stay or disappear when you stop researching?

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10 thoughts on “Let the research begin…

  1. Increasing standing doesn’t directly affect RPs (although it may mean you can get higher level agents which probably would). Improving a skill however does improve RPs. With Molecular Engineering level II I went up to 8.5 RPs a day…


  2. That is interesting stuff, thx a lot for making the effort and putting it online. I’ve just started with EVE a week ago and would like to start researching too, yet so far I’m still a long way away from even having one skill on level 5, so it’ll probably be a while before I can put this advanced info to use.

    What I could do already might be to look for a decent research agent. Do you have any tips how or where to find a good one? How did you find yours?

    Again, thx a lot, and keep posting!


  3. If you go to a Corporation info screen (Show Info on an agent and then double click the Corp logo or search for a Corporation from “People and Places” for instance) you get some tabs, one of which is agents. Look for agents in the R&D departments.

    It’s also important to check the agent info screen since this tells you what skill you need for that agent and possibly the sort of blueprints he produces.

    Offhand I know of Lai Dai and Ishukone for Caldari.

    In fact, there’s probably a list of them online somewhere…


  4. Hi,

    I am quite interested by the subject, I have recently bought bpos in order to manufacture my own weapons and ammo. I would like to know what the researches do exactely?? For example, with my bpo of heavy missiles launchers, can I do some researches so that I can produce variation of this item. Of course get to Tech2 would be great but first I would like to start producing heavy missiles launcher like ‘malkuth’ launchers and I wish to be sure that researching is the thing to do for my purpose ?


  5. hey, thx. I’m Gallente so I won’t be able to work for Caldari corps I guess (not that I’d want to work for those cold, heartless vampire-captitalists anyway ;-). But I made a list of all Gallente R&D’s and am going to check them out soon.
    Just one other question, do you know how you can get access to level 2 agents, and what is their advantage? do they just give more isk/ rp /etc. or do they offer something completely new?


  6. Hey there AlexandER, as far as I know, if you have a blueprint, you can use it to manufacture things so long as you have the raw materials needed. You can improve a blueprint by researching it, but that only makes it more efficient, and won’t give you any tech 2 variations.

    Researching for agents will allow you to accumulate ‘research points’ which build up over time, and at fairly random intervals, a ‘lottery’ takes place where those research points are exchanged for random tech 2 blueprints.

    Thats how it works as far as I know, but I may have missed some things out, or got it wrong.


  7. Gantor:

    Somewhere on one of the tabs of the agent info screen it will tell you what standing you need with the NPS corporation to do missions with them. As you do missions with NPCs your standing with their corp increases and you gradually open up new agents. If you can get standing with an agent from another race you should be able to do missions for them too.


  8. You guys are talking about RP/day in the 3-9 points per day range. I don’t know what your skills are, but I’m running 4 research agents right now and I’m getting 54.5, 55, 37.8, and 36.72 RP/day from the different agents. What I don’t know is, if I quit a research project and leave, what happens to my RPs?


  9. Actually only I mentioned RP/day and I was only in the 3-9 points range up to level 2 of the skill.

    As far as I know if you quit the research project you lose the points.


  10. ok i can use 6 Research agents at any time.

    im currently using 4 the best of which is a lvl 3 agent generating 131 rp a day. anyway if you stop using that agen you loose those points gained as i currently have over 22k im not stopping anytime soon. connections and negotiation(social skills) are the ones you want, negotiations influence the rp’s genereated… connections lets you get access to better agents quicker as it raises the EQ(effective quality) of the agent you are going to be using.

    run missions for other departments within the agents corp it improves standing, better standing = better rewards and access to even better agents.

    and to use 6 agents you need the skill Research Project Management (RPM) at level 5.


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