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Could this be the ultimate home entertainment system? There’s a video dotted around the Internet that firmly says yes but I strongly suggest that video is not your first source of information about LinuxMCE since its uber-fanboy nature will just annoy you.

It’s basically a wrapper for MythTV, Asterisk and a few other things brought together with a snazzy interface and user accounts. The third party reports I’ve read suggest it’s not as easy to setup as the website suggests, nor perfectly stable. But the list of features it claims to support (and hopefully will completely support soon) is quite amazing.

For more info, visit the LinuxMCE website.

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3 thoughts on “LinuxMCE

  1. Yeah I was told about that when I was chatting to people at work about my Vista Media Center replacement for XP 2005 Media Center.

    The screenshots on their website don’t make it look anywhere near as pretty and easy to use via remote as the XP 2005 Media Center, and definitely not the Vista one.

    Other than that it all sounds very good.


  2. I’ll agree with the UI, especially things like the wrapping on some of the buttons… They make a big thing on their website about being able to control it from a Symbian app on your mobile phone via Bluetooth which looks pretty nifty though…


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