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Mono brings everything together – MythTV, PS3, Nokia 770

MythTV finally runs on a Playstation 3. Linux has been running on PS3s for a while doing all sorts of cool things. Well Takeshi Yaegashi has now got a USB TV tuner working for it making MythTV essentially complete.

So where does Mono come into this? Well Mono runs on a PS3 as well. Actually that’s not the link. In a cool coincidence, I first found out about MythTV on a PS3 after subscribing to a Mono RSS feed.

And the Nokia 770? Well the very next entry on said RSS feed was about Mono running on a Nokia 770 (and a Nokia N800 and Windows XP and Linux – all with one executable).

It’s a small world…

Mono, Maemo, MythTV, Linux, Windows, cross platform, PS3, PlayStation, Takeshi Yaegashi

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