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TalkTalk buys AOL UK

In an interesting move, AOL have old of their UK business to none other than Carphone Warehouse. This will not mean in re-branding so it seems AOL and TalkTalk will remain separate. It also seems that AOL will take control of advertising through TalkTalk as part of the deal.

More information is available from BBC News.

3 thoughts on “TalkTalk buys AOL UK

  1. “AOL have old” ?? 🙂 Is this good news or bad?

    If they keep the same framework and branding, I wonder if it would be possible for TT customers to ‘transfer’ to AOL UK in the hope of a better service? (good news).

    Or maybe TT will transfer the AOL UK network over to TT and the service for AOL UK customers will be the same as TT? (bad news).


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