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TalkTalk problems

<![CDATA[My post about free broadband from TalkTalk has got a fair bit of traffic, in fact it’s been the most popular page since a day after I posted. I don’t think that implies the post is any good but just that lots of people are looking for info about the offer.

According to the Register, Carphone Warehouse have had to withdraw their advert claiming “free broadband” since it’s bundled and therefore not free. Personally I disagree. Since the service it’s bundled with was available before at the same price, the broadband is still technically free. The same people that made this ruling by the way also said that unlimited doesn’t have to actually mean unlimited (as with most broadband “fair use” policies) if the terms are displayed. This is far easier to disagree with since calling it unlimited is wrong both simply and technically.

Anyway the comments have revealed the following issues it seems:

  • Limited P2P traffic – Sort of a non-issue since they clearly say they will limit peer-to-peer traffic. Worth noting if you didn’t know already though.
  • Limited gaming traffic – They didn’t say explicitly that this could be throttled so more of a worry.
  • Dodgy proxy server redirecting requests for non existent pages – Annoying and slightly disturbing although not a major problem. Installing Google Web Accelerator may solve this as it does it’s own proxying.
  • Generally bad service – Quite a few complaints about the service not being fast etc. Not very quantitative but certainly bad for people switching to get more speed.

Although I haven’t read the terms, it may be possible to back out of the broadband free of charge. Since it is bundled after all (you’re paying for the calling plan) you may still be able to switch providers afterwards. You’ll still have to pay the £9.99 a month though but you could just make lots of calls…

Phil Jones has an unofficial guide to setting up TalkTalk broadband that bypasses a lot of the problems and can help you solve others.]]>

728 thoughts on “TalkTalk problems

  1. Hi does anyone know how you can monitor how much you are downloading so that you can stay within your limit. Im really scared of going over my limit, with the amount of updates linux has.


  2. Just a quick update from my previous post, Jan 2008. My father cancelled TT and has gone back to BT, however he has since had bills from TT for calls made after the switch back to BT – bunch of cowboys – stay well clear.


  3. I am trying to login to my talktalk account i enter the correct user name and password but it keeps coming up with “DBException in” error please contact us if the problem persists , anyone any ideas?


  4. Sorry to post again so soon, just letting every1 know i solved the above probl;em, reboot my router seems to have fixed it.


  5. Gave up trying, deleted my website. Don’t think I’ll bother doing another one, not with talktalk anyway.


  6. I gave up with talktalk webspace and gone with an indepent free webhost. Much better 10gb of webspace for free and no forced banner adds.


  7. I have problems with security settings and cant get into any secure sites which require passwords (banking, e-mail, shopping etc etc). Hours spent on useless help lines. Has anyone any suggestions to resolve? Heellpp!


  8. have just moved house (22.aug.2008) and terminated service from talktalk,(27.aug.2008 despite giving them more than a fortnights notice on my initial phone call) HOWEVER I see I was unsuccessful as I have now been sent an online bill for line rental and talk 3 for next month,(september). Has anyone any idea how to get through to these sharks as I am spending time and energy trying to get someone to cease this account properly and send me a final account just like any other service provider e.g.thames water etc


  9. Last October when my son split from his then girlfriend I paid off the Talk Talk bill that was in his name. Since then I have been ‘forced’ to pay another three bills since I can get noone to pass the cancellation information over to the cancellation department although everyone I speak to promises to do so. All we receive are threats of court action and I can find no way to stop this, it simply goes round and round. All I want is to be free of this damn company.


  10. Hi to all i have haqd many problems with my broadband since Carfone shithouse oops warehouse tok over Time warner AOL i m in t5he process of issuing a writ against Mr Dunston for fraudulenty obtaining money by not supplying the service he claims….anyone that want to be included on my application in court contact me on my e mail address assuming its not been turned off lol


  11. for many years i had talk talk phone.excellent,i then took their phone line as well .Excellent again.none of those B.T. bills for i know not what.Then the phone calls started,many to take their broadband,no thanks i have great broadband,more calls some impossible to understand in a tongue foreign to me.I am getting a bit afraid to pick the phone up by now,,postman delivers a modom!!!.you have to ring them to get a returns number done sent back at my expense.comes the first of the month my broadband disappears.Contact talk talk.i have no broadband.Yes you have you are with us.Oh no i am not ,i want my broadband back,we cant do that.Its ok it gets worse,many calls many emails later its obvious that they are not going to let me have it back.What to do?change phone line,so go to virgin they have cable in the street.Virgin sorry we can not give you your phone number of 40 years talk talk are the only people not signatory to the agreement that allows this.more calls emails to talk talk they will send me a cheque for £40!!!!,will i accept this yes i just dont want anymore to do with your company i want to be left alone..not by talk talk you dont do you? bill for last phone calls £29 oh no i am finished with you.I write in reply sent signed for but no reply, you have guessed it roxburghe debt collectors..did email daily mail,mistake charlie yes dunstoc is an non executive director!.tried ofcom,no reply writing my M.P. and now going to try small claims court.i have lost £s over this and friends of 50 years or more who live overseas and contact me by my old stolen phone number…so if you are miss sold by talk talk accept or you will punished serverly,at 76 i dont need this but i wont lay down,watch this lee cant sort this one,,,


  12. its true talk talk (you dont know how typing that make me feel)oh yes we do…well at last the debt collector has given up after i said how much i was looking forward to my day in court…so sad to hear mr ross has left the company.suppose theres no chance of the other co-founder doing the same?you never know,ive read all the stuff about how the co was set up with ethics in mind.not my ethics mind…good luck for 2009 …


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