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Soon to be unbundled to TalkTalk

Yesterday I received a letter from TalkTalk announcing their equipment had been installed in my local exchange and that I would be connected at the end of March. Which according to some people may be the same time that I lose my internet access and phone line. They say it should only go down for twenty minutes and make big deal out of the fact that BT engineers will be doing the actual changeover.

Luckily I have internet access at work so I’ll let you know either way 🙂

6 thoughts on “Soon to be unbundled to TalkTalk

  1. I too have had a letter from TT apologising for the post LLU fiasco but laying the blame fair and square at the door of the BT Openreach Dept as it is them,and only them who are allowed into the exchange to make any changes.
    When you realise that BT may be losing you as a broadband customer,in many more cases losing you as a line rental customer and in some cases both then you can appreciate why they might not be falling over themselves to carry out LLU changes quite as efficiently as they might if you were one of their own customers.
    TalkTalk are beginning to weather the storm and get their act together and I look forward with interest to see what happens when the other major ISP players start to unbundle.


  2. Read my experiences dealing with my own situation in the TalkTalk Unbundling discussion, you can see how the service has improved and speed at dealing with problems has improved. Yes it might go wrong. If it does, hopefully the disruption will be over in a week or so.

    Put it this way: What do you expect? £18 broadband + £11 line rental + call charges vs £20 all in. A couple of weeks downtime seems a small price to pay.

    As I’ve said before, if TalkTalk come through this, everone else has to drop their prices.


  3. i have been experiencing problems with my broadband speeds i emailed talk talk ho told me by email that my account has been upgraded to llu 8mb sevice and sugesting i contact customerservice to remedy the speed problem but to actually talk to an engineer is like trying to get an ordinance with the queen it is virtually impposibl;e where do i go now


  4. Have been using TT since last summer with no problems UNTIL I was unbundled on 15 Mar. Sadly, that resulted in the disconnection of my phone & broadband which I am still battling to get resolved – 26 days later.

    Just to be clear, that’s 26 days and counting of nil connection, not even a dial-tone when I lift the receiver. Lying and un-empowered customer service, which occupies 30-40 mins of my time each day.

    Thank goodness for my neighbours being happy to open up their wireless broadband connection to me.


  5. Talk Talk have had a lot of changes recently including the acquisition of virgin broadband so their will be a lot disruption and changes.
    Realistically having the exchange locally should improve the service in theory but a lot of people have had problems with phone lines because of this.


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