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Windows Live Mail dies a little

<![CDATA[Windows Live is the name for the new set of technologies software and computery goodness Microsoft is developing. A lot of the components aren’t especially related, it’s just a brand name of sorts.

Part of it is Windows Live Mail, designed to ultimately replace Hotmail. As of this morning, it doesn’t work on Firefox. You are greeted with the normal Hotmail interface and a message saying due to various problems they’ve rolled back to a previous version meaning Firefox users have to use Hotmail Classic.

Well it is beta (and they’ve said it’s beta instead of releasing it and then finding these problems) so I’ll let them off.

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3 thoughts on “Windows Live Mail dies a little

  1. That’s my point, they fact that this can happen, even supposedly accidentally, means that Microsoft, not known for being the most moral company on the planet, is quite capable of purposefully doing it to prevent competitors from being able to use it at all.


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