The power of coincidence

<![CDATA[In March I spent a weekend in Blackpool with my girlfriend, mainly to go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, a themepark. While we were there we briefly met a guy trying to sell us a CD of "monk rock" or something (one of those people collecting for a good cause basically.

Well yesterday we met him again in Rotherham. Same person doing the same thing. Quite how unlikely it is that one of us could meet the same guy twice is amazing, but we spend a lot of time apart so to think we could both meet him together is even more amazing.

coincidence, monk rock]]>

2 thoughts on “The power of coincidence

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  2. That is quite bizarre to think that out of the short time you and Julia are together, you both happen to meet the exact same person doing the exact same thing in a small town!!!


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