Let there be colour

<![CDATA[I decided if Ryan is going to post more often there needs to be an easier way to tell our posts apart, so I decided to fiddle around with the theme a bit.

Basically all I did was put a div tag around all the posts setting the class to the author of the post and then added style information for .Ryan and .Oliver.

I also changed the top header slightly too.


10 thoughts on “Let there be colour

  1. The header was a mild blue gradient before – it didn’t go compeltely white at the bottom. Subtle, but noticeable if you see lots of blogs with the WordPress default 😛


  2. All it does is colour code the links . I’m not entirely sure why the dates are linked since they just seem to link to themselves…


  3. Hmm, how come things I write on the main page have coloured titles and dates, but yours don’t? hmmm lol this is getting confusing lol!


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