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Beware of Worlds Collide in EVE Online

I just got the Level I mission, “Worlds Collide”. The story is that some civilians got caught up in a fight between Guristas and Angels and you have to rescue them. It was offered to me for about 250,000 ISK (including bonuses) so I accepted.

The first part was easy. Lots of pirates and my Moa (a Caldari cruiser) freshly fitted with heavy missiles barely got scratched. Unfortunately the acceleration gates (there were two – one Angel and one Gurista) only accepted frigates. I tried in a badly fitted out Condor and lasted about three seconds… Luckily NPCs pirates don’t go for pods and the Condor was given to me free by an agent.

Since I couldn’t be bothered to properly equip a frigate that wasn’t going to use again I had to give up on the mission.

So beware of that one…

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4 thoughts on “Beware of Worlds Collide in EVE Online

  1. So, did you have a chance to redo the mission?

    I just completed “Pirates Invasion” a few days ago, though I had a hell of a time finishing it. I had to change my Dominix set-up 3 times before coming up with the best one.

    I’ll be posting about it in a few days.


  2. I tried doing it in my Condor and got shredded in seconds, didn’t have the firepower to take the ships on.

    Someone on the “Rookie Help” channel told me it was possible to do it in a Destroyer so I tried it again in my Caldari Cormorant, and amazingly it let me activate the first gate.

    Then I made the mistake of shooting the two ships at the 2nd “room”, which spawned about 20 harder ones… the warp accelerator gates throw you a good 15km past the next gate you need, and I cant even afterburn it to those gates before I have to warp out (or lose my ship)

    Totally stuck now, cant see how this mission is even possible.


  3. Worlds Collide really isn’t that hard, I’ve completed it multiple times in my Catalyst (Gallente destroyer) and even did it once in an Amarr destroyer.

    I have found, the key is distance. Destroyers have range bonuses, so use them! Stand-off long-range fire and KITing are the keys – don’t let the rats get close, and you should be able to wipe them out without too much trouble.

    Also, concentrate your fire. Have all guns targeting one ship – it’s more efficient than chipping away at a lot of rats, especially if you have been maneuvring correctly to isolate the clusters of rats.


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