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Mini client for EVE

EVE needs a mini client. Something that can run as a normal window without taking up lots of resources that lets you do most thing you might want to do in a station. Things like sending/receiving EVE mail, accessing the market (setting up orders or just plain immediate buying/selling), changing skills, possibly accessing player missions (or contracts as they will become) and corporation management.

There’s lots of times when I don’t want to play EVE as such but I’m waiting for something to happen. And in windowed mode EVE takes up a lot of system resources and performs far less well.

Maybe this would be better mentioned on the EVE forums…

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2 thoughts on “Mini client for EVE

  1. I’d quite like to be able to login and change my skill training without having to load up the fully fledged client. Mail and market functionality would also be quite useful, but I’d settle for the skills for a start.


  2. There was a thread a while back on the very subject:

    And CCP even has an opening for a, get this, “EVE Mobile Developer”:

    It was also mentioned in an issue of E:ON, though I can’t recall which one right now.

    I can’t wait to login to EVE from my Windows driven PDA to change a skill, read my evemail, while at my in-laws! Sweet!


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