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More R&D in EVE

Ooh, after reading the forums I found a way to increase the number of research points you get when doing R&D in EVE Online.

After starting R&D you can also ask the agent for missions. The rewards for the missions are extra research points instead of ISK. The reason I had to go to the forums to find this out is because it apparently isn’t available until a day after you start the R&D.

R&D, EVE Online

One thought on “More R&D in EVE

  1. Here is how you figure RP/D:

    From EVE Online Player Guide: Chapter 11 link.
    RP/day = (Agent skill level + player skill level)² x [(Agent’s effective quality/100)+1]

    RP/day is doubled for weapon-related research fields and trippled for starship engineering research.

    I’ll give you a quick example of the formula in use:
    I’m using Amarr: Carthum Conglomerate: Bummiri Nadaneh. She is a level 4 agent and has an effective quallity of 27. I am using her to research Amarrian Starship Engineering. My Amarrian Starship Engineering skill is at level 4.

    RP/day = (4 + 4)² x [(27/100)+1]
    64 * (1.27) = 81.28 is my RP/D

    However because the RP/D is tripled for Starship research I’m actually getting (81.28)*3 which is 243.84 RP/D.

    If you have any questions just ask,


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