4 thoughts on “Dubiously good cause

  1. Eeek, sorry man, I was looking at a linkless version of your page.

    Thanks for helping me fight the powers that be. I appreciate your help a lot. Getting the high ranking with google has seriously helped my negotiation position with them.


  2. We just got through turning our complaints against North West Vanline, Inc. of Tarzana, CA over to an attorney as well as filing a formal complaint with the feds.
    Not only did they hold us hostage, require 3 times the quoted price, but then stole 3 pieces of valuable art as well. It is Israeli operated which we thought was a good thing being Jewish, but they’ve broken my heart with the theft.

    Each time I called to speak with the person I spoke to the time before, I was told
    “They no longer work here…” After the 4th time, I finally figured out we were dealing with crooks.


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