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<![CDATA[Well I now have to say that Google Analytics certainly looks impressive. It has all the stats that you would expect from anything and a heck of a load that you wouldn’t. The real gain is the way it is presented. All the stats can be quickly restricted to date ranges, you can compare two date ranges, most of the details can be combined arbitrarily (just see visitors from Spain using Internet Explorer on Macs for instances) as well as lots of other nifty things. It also has support for e-commerce tracking (including defining custom goals and ROI calculations) as well download and outbound link tracking.

And it’s free.

Well if you have more than 5 million hits a month you need to get a Google AdWords account which (at least when I signed up) needed a $5 deposit. But if you get 5 million hits a month I’d hope you could afford it.

One quick detail I discovered (without really looking for it). I get most of my traffic from search engines, however visitors from links from other sites visit more pages per visit.

I’ll post more as and when I find something particularly interesting to post (for instance I can’t test the date features with just one day of data).]]>

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