An idea for Galaxia

<![CDATA[It just ocurred to me (not strictly true but will let that go) that I may not get the current version of Galaxia finished. This time it really would be a shame since the code in it is actually quite good. So I've come with an idea I would like feedback on (which will be an achievement considering the attention this site gets).

I might open on Galaxia at least partially. Nothing fancy like a public CVS, but the generated documentation compelte with annotated source listings. This will obviously impact security of the game once it's available to play but it might be worth it since it opens up lots of possibilities:

  • People actually writing stuff for Galaxia. There are lots of places people could write little bits of stuff for me that aren’t hard to do but do take time.
  • The very fact that people will be able to see the code will make me write it better and clearer and with better documentation.
  • If people are interested I might finally write a tutorial on some MPOG-writing-in-PHP topic which I’ve wanted to do for ages.

Anyway if I by any chance you are reading this and are interested (of course you’re reading this) post a reply…]]>

One thought on “An idea for Galaxia

  1. <![CDATA[Well I'm not so sure about opening up everything

    Although I agree with all the benefits, I’m worried someone could take it all and finish it by themselves and release it before you got chance to.

    A compromise could perhaps be that you advertise for team members to help work on it, without actually giving away all the code.

    Anyway thats my opinion on the idea.]]>


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