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Sims 2 is complicated

<![CDATA[Unrelated to almost anything I've written, I just thought I'd suggest anyone remotely interested in god-games to buy Sims 2 now. It has managed the same thing as the Grand Theft Auto series. There is a reasonably structured game in there now to guide you in your actions, but the game is still wide open if you want to do something else entirely.

Most of this structure revolves around the news wants and desires your sims have. They're tasks or events that reward or penalise you and are decided by your Sim's aspiration. The funniest is the "romance" aspiration which has wants such as "Have 2 loves at once" or "Make out with 3 different Sims"…

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3 thoughts on “Sims 2 is complicated

  1. Simply make two adult sims fall in love and get them both in a hot tub or relaxing on a bed together and click try for baby. just keep trying for baby it doesn’t take much. then your female sim will get sick a lot and start to look pregnant.


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