“Unlimited” is getting sillier

The Metro, (the only newspaper I read since it’s free) had an advert from ntl:Telewest for their broadband service that said:

Cable broadband has unlimited downloads…unlike BT, Sky, Orange or TalkTalk

BT and Sky at least (and possibly Orange, not sure) definitely offer “unlimited” packages that are restricted by a fair use policy. The fine print at the bottom of the ad said that the ntl:Telewest also had a fair use policy. So how exactly are they “unlike” each other?

On a related note, the number of replies with TalkTalk complaints is getting really high. The irony is none of the broadband companies have tried competing on quality of service yet.


7 thoughts on ““Unlimited” is getting sillier

  1. Now that is stupid, how can they say ‘unlike such and such’ when they have a fair usage policy too. So far there are three definitions for ‘unlimited’ then:

    1. Unlimited as in real english, where there are no limits.

    2. Unlimited as in broadband where ther are actually limits.

    3. Unlimited as in ntl, which is still limited but in a totally different way to the other ‘unlimited’ with fair use things.

    How can the advertising agency be letting this pass, when they’re blocking adverts like TalkTalk, whose broadband service was added to their phone service without the price going up, hence them saying it was free.



  2. I think what it boils down to is that people are prepared to accept “Fair use policies”, since everyone likes to consider themselves ‘fair’, whereas having limits is frowned upon – and advertising agencies know it 🙂


  3. Maybe, but there are some silly examples though.

    Vodafone in the UK offer a range of mobile phone contracts including internet access. There are four levels of bandwidth per month available . 250MB, 500MB, 750MB and unlimited. Unlimited is subject to fair use of 1GB though.


  4. One of the clever ploys TalkTalk are investing their time and ignorance into is making damn sure that if you do get your broadband/telephone package all nicely sorted, they will, by twists and turns try to force YOU to Breach the Contract with them. If you signed up for “Free Broadband for Life” they are pretty much compelled, under the present ASA Rules to supply you with it. As far as TalkTalk are concerned (and a quick journey down to Carphone Warehouse seemed to bear this out) your Broadband is actually a seperate account. Good eh? Well, here’s the rub! They might just have to supply you with a Broadband connection, but they will cut your Phone off, foul your Direct Debits, prove that you have breached your contract and then it’s bye-bye to the whole lot. I signed up when the package was set at £19.99 per month for eighteen months (plus Free Broadband for life.) I might have my Broadband connection, but they have clawed £161.00 plus set-up costs from me, fouled two Direct Debit mandates, cut my phone off (no outgoing/incoming calls whatsoever – even BT allowed a ‘grace period’ to catch up with any outstanding amounts!) and tried to call in Debt Collectors. My advice. Sue them. Stand firm. Get what you paid for. Insist on it. I’m still fighting – and I will eventually win. Don’t forget their boast about the £1000 if proven TalkTalk was more expensive than BT! £161 for four months Talk3International package.. even plus set up costs, it’s a lot less, and, they won’t allow you to pay any outstanding amount in cash either!! Go figure.


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