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AOL misleading with wireless broadband

AOL UK (that would be Carphone Warehouse now) are advertising wireless broadband for the same price as regular broadband. What this means is instead of getting a free ADSL modem, you get a free combined wireless router/ADSL modem allowing you to create a wireless home network with the Internet accessible from all the computers.

Quite a few companies advertise a similar service as wireless broadband.

There are companies slowly appearing however offering genuine wireless broadband via WiMAX, for example now. Once the availability increases the issue of what “wireless broadband” means will become more important…

2 thoughts on “AOL misleading with wireless broadband

  1. The most they offer is 1Mb for £18 but that will probably increase at a similar rate to normal broadband. And part I know you’ll like – if you pay a £30 setup fee you can get a month to month contract that’s still just £18 a month.

    It’s spreading fairly slowly though. There are only a few areas of London with companies offering this in the UK. One country that should get lots soon though is Finland where 15 different companies have got licenses…


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