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MythTV better than Media Center?

I’ve been reading about MythTV and considering it as a replacement for Windows Media Center. Overall it has more features, has better support for multiple computers and is completely free. Unfortunately it’s only available for Linux. Which also means you have to be picky with hardware because of the lack of drivers.

I’ll write more about it shortly…


10 thoughts on “MythTV better than Media Center?

  1. Is there an upcoming Windows release do you think? Looking at the website, it is in early release so I would suggest perhaps not yet.

    Have you looked into the Media Centre that will ship with Vista, see what improvements/additions/changes will be included?


  2. I will point out that most of MythTV works on Intel Macs.

    Even getting it to run on a Mac is made problematic by random (and unnecessary dependencies) like certain features being written in random scripting languages like Perl and Python.

    Using MythWeb and MythStream you can get access to everything at least from a Windows computer (or any computer for that matter) but you lose a lot of functionality.

    Maybe some Mono programmers could write something like this (if they haven’t already?) which would be cross platform…

    Another advantage over Media Center is the complete disregard for content restrictions and DRM 😛


  3. Yes it is quite annoying how everything these days is totally DRM’d to death, and that every manufacturer has their own method of securing media, making them incompatible with one another for the most part – surely this sort of thing stifles competition by locking customers into a particular brand once they begin.

    And anyway, when DRM is so easy to circumvent by even the most basic of computer users, all it does it cause problems for novice users who don’t understand why their media can’t just work on any machine.


  4. There’s an installable live “MythTV” version of a top Linux distro, PCLinuxOS. You can download the image, and test it on your hardware, if it picks up your hardware correctly, or you can tweak it to do so with help from the forum, you’re in, just install and you have a complete home entertainment system which can also be expanded to include “normal” software too.

    The link is here:

    hope this helps someone.


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