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Play Star Trek Online for free (for a bit)

Cryptic Studios have just launched the Star Trek Online referral program. They encourage old players to bring in new players by giving them free in game stuff (specifically the future Enterprise from All Good Things with three warp nacelles as a ship option).

To make it easier to persuade people, referred players get to try a demo of the game for free. It does seem the demo will be made freely available in the near future anyway though.

The demo has the following restrictions:

  • Cannot trade player-to-player, send items via mail or use the Exchange.
  • Cannot send in-game tells except those on the friends list (but can receive all tells)
  • Cannot participate in zone chat
  • Cannot send a friend request, or team/fleet invites (but can receive and accept them)
  • Cannot play beyond level 3, or access missions other than “Stranded in Space,” once outside of the tutorial Episode

The last is the important one really.

Anyway, if anyone wants an invite, send me an email (each player can only have five pending invites).
The following are keys I’ve issued to myself (but not used). Each one can only be used once so if one doesn’t work, try the next. I’ll keep checking which ones are claimed and replace them.


Additionally, to download the client go to the download page.

4 thoughts on “Play Star Trek Online for free (for a bit)

  1. Ive been looking for a Trial Key for ages, This link worked a treat im downloading the client as we speak.

    Many thanks Oliver its very much appreciated.


  2. Hi there, Thanks Oliver I have got it sorted…i think LOL. I am on the trial page but how do i now access the game to play or am i really being dump.

    Anyway I hope you can help,



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