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LinuxMCE 0704

A new version of LinuxMCE is out. And from what I’ve read (I haven’t installed it yet) it looks like a big improvement.

The biggest factor is improved MythTV support (which to be honest I feel is the most important part of it). They also claim the DVD quick install only requires three keypresses (but that’s only for the install, no setup). There is thankfully a new video as well that is considerably less annoying than the previous one – complete with disclaimers about things that may only work on specific hardware.

On the subject of specific hardware, there is a company called Fiire offering some pretty affordable computers with LinuxMCE already installed. Personally I’d build the core myself but maybe buy their thin clients.. They also a do a cool remote with built in gyro (like a remote/gyro-mouse combo) but it’s a $150…

3 thoughts on “LinuxMCE 0704

  1. Just watched the video, it does look very good in terms of the features like security, automating a house, sharing the media easily via the thin clients and the follow me remote, but how much of that funcationality will you be able to get with standard hardware? They still could do with working on that interface a little too, but its still impressive what they’d done with it!


  2. The interface does seem to be a point of contention. Some people really like it, others hate it (even the ones that like it can’t ignore some of the ugly text wrapping issues).

    Apparently it looks “intentionally” bad though. Somewhere on the forums someone mentioned that the LinuxMCE theme is the default Pluto Home theme (which LinuxMCE is based on). The Pluto Home team then modify and skin it for individual resellers.

    There is also a cool alternative to the gyro remote that’s cheaper (although with fewer buttons). According to there are now Linux (and Windows and Mac) drivers for the Wiimote. Which is cool đŸ™‚


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