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Brazilian PayPal Phishing

I recently got an PayPal phishing email. It looked like most of the others I get but I usually visit the page anyway just to see what’s there. This time I was surprised by the address:
paypal_account/limit-issues/index.htm A quick check on Wikipedia confirms that is reserved for Brazilian government entities and that is the official website of the state of Mato Grosso (site in in English).

Assuming that the phishing site isn’t actually authorised by someone in the Mato Grosso government I’d hoped they’d be more careful about what people with access to their system can put up…

phishing, PayPal, spoof, Brazil, Mato Grosso

One thought on “Brazilian PayPal Phishing

  1. I got one also. I found your link searching for more info.
    Makes me wonder what’s up.
    I always check the source code (I’m a source addict) and then send it off to paypal. I doubt it will make a difference.


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