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iMode and cHTML

<![CDATA[I've seen adverts around for iMode recently, with no idea what it was. Well I found out last night by coincidence after looking around Google Sitemaps. Well sort of. Although I didn't look at the details it seems like some sort of alternative to WAP. What interested me more was cHTML, iMode's equivalent of WML.

cHTML, or Compact HTML, is basically what WML should have been. Instead of completely new tags and new way of looking at things it's just a subset of HTML that makes sense for mobile devices. There are a few extensions to normal HTML but these aren't required and are very simple anyway (like using tel: in a link the same way you’d use mailto:).

Of course I don’t really have any sites that would make sense ina mobile world…

Just search for imode chtml for loads of bits of info.


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