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BBC interested in TalkTalk

I got an unexpected email today from Catherine Wynne of the BBC. Apparently they are doing a piece about TalkTalk on the 6 o’clock news tonight and during the research came across my TalkTalk problems post (the one with 500+ comments – mostly about problems people are having).

They would like a number of comments from TalkTalk users regarding the service. If you’re interested (and read this quite a bit before 6pm 27th February), call:

Catherine Wynne
Number snipped since it’s no longer relevant

4 thoughts on “BBC interested in TalkTalk

  1. Well it wasn’t that exciting. They had three short clips of people over webcams saying how bad the broadband was. Two were TalkTalk, one was Sky.


  2. Im taking Talktalk’s side.Im quite overwhelmed by the amount of complaints on this website with talktalk. I understand the service isnt all brilliant but to be fair to talktalk, its been 1 year since free BB was launced. They have opened up the market for everyone else. The demand for it exceeded expectation. Service level dropped. A year on, its come along way. As a newbie to BB, Its done pretty well. now its the 3rd largest provider of BB in the UK, behind BT and Virgin (in 1 year, from nothing) and service has improved and continually improving. Part of the problem is Openreach and LLU being rolled out. Talktalk arnt the only ones who have had problems with LLU, other companies rolling out have had similar problems, which are linked back to Openreach not doing the migrations properly. Talktalk has obviously taken the brunt of this because of the scale of migrations they deal with. But this year should see Talktalk as the company to join, rather than to run away from!


  3. Hi WatermeloN, your comment reads like Talk Talk marketing 🙂 In which talktalk building can I find you? Personally I am a happy (very happy) Zen customer since leaving Talk Talk. I´d rather pay a little more and have things like P2P and Joost working. Zen, unlike Talk Talk also doesn’t have any objections if I connect to my company via VPN…


  4. Sounds like he works for them too… I agree with Andre… spose they all think we’re as daft as them a?


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