7 thoughts on “XHTML Friends is now about people

  1. <![CDATA[Not sure where else to put this, but the search on XHTML Friends doesn't seem to handle apostrophes correctly. It doesn't appear that the apostrophe is getting escaped correctly. If I search for "Caitlin's Random Text", it returns:
    You searched for Caitlin’s Random Text.

    No results.

    If I drop the word with the apostrophe and just use “Random Text”, it returns my site to me as expected. Just thought you might want to know about that :).]]>


  2. Thanks. You’d be surprised at how many major sites have problems with apostrophes. I have an apostrophe in my surname, and you’d be surprised at just how many websites tell me that my surname is “invalid” input. Of course, I never considered handling apostrophes until after I got married and changed surnames. Anyway, I’ve been playing with XHTML Friends, and it’s pretty nifty :).


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