Comment spam..

<![CDATA[I guess every blog owner posts an entry like this sooner or later.

I just had my first serious bout of comment spam. About 50 or so pointless messages about mortgages and refinancing. But since the spammer used the same IP it was really easy to delete them all using WordPress. Of course other blog software problably has the same features…

spam, comment spam, WordPress]]>

2 thoughts on “Comment spam..

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I attracted a few bits of spam back at Blogger, although never more than one or two per entry. I haven’t gotten any yet with HaloScan.


  2. You may want to try SpamKarma and BadBehaviour. The latter stops a bunch of bad bots from reaching your blog, the former blocks spam that the remaining bots may manage to post. A very effective combination. 🙂


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