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JavaScript debugging with Internet Explorer

<![CDATA[Ever had a problem with JavaScript? If you don’t realise that’s a rhetorical question then go away now…

I had a simple script that worked fine in Firefox and Opera but not in IE. I got the amazingly useful message “Object expected” at line 0, character 0. So after looking around for a bit I found the Microsoft Script Debugger. And it’s actually quite good. Not as convenient as Firefox (since most of my problems are syntax errors) but it solved my problem. And in a way, I can blame Firefox and Opera for the problem. Maybe.

“class” is a reserved word in JScript (IE’s JavaScript engine) but it isn’t in Firefox and Opera. Perhaps it should be. Then perhaps not since contrary to popular belief, JavaScript (or technically ECMAScript) is not an object orientated language (at least not in the traditional sense), it’s a prototype language.

The main difference is a prototype language does not have classes (which is why “class” is not a reserved word in Firefox or IE), objects are given functionality on a per instance basis.

All this is rather academic though. If you need to debug JavaScript in IE for whatever reason, get the debugger. And ignore the link that says there is a newer version available – it’s pointing to Visual Studio .NET 2003.

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