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Ruby on Rails may rock

<![CDATA[I've been vaguely aware of Ruby for a while but never really gave it more than a cursory glance. If you didn't know Ruby is a lanuage that has been around for a while that got far more interesting when Rails, a famework for it was released.

After reading around I don't think I'm really a fan of Ruby syntax per se (I'm definitely a fan of the punctuation heavy C-style syntax as opposed to the keyword heavy Basic-style syntax) but Rails seems to be an amazing framework.

Since I might be starting a job soon (and if not soon at least eventually) that will focus on PHP, starting to learn somethingnew might not be ideal. But if it really as good as it's fans say then things might be fine.

I suggest anyone involved in web development who hasn't checked it out yet do so. There is a good introductory article on

Ruby, Rails, Ruby on Rails, web development, PHP]]>

3 thoughts on “Ruby on Rails may rock

  1. <![CDATA[Ruby actually seems like a good language from a theory point of view. A couple of cool features include being purely object orientated and the ability to pass around code blocks as arguments (which implicitly allows things like closures).

    Of course the staggeringly lax syntax requirements mean it probably won't gain acceptance as a teaching language….

    Some features of Ruby]]>


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