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Free stuff from Microsoft…

<![CDATA[Microsoft are now offering free versions off some of their Visual Studio products. And although they are slightly limited compared to the complete version they seem to allow commercial use (from the FAQ: "Create fun and interesting applications for their personal enjoyment or to share with their friends, or even commercially distribute your programs. ")

They won’t stay completely free though. Once the products leave beta they will supposedly be available for $49 each. Which is still affordable for us students though :)]]>

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Mobile phones send people insane…

<![CDATA[Why is it so hard to get people to pay for things over the internet and so easy to get them to pay for things on their phone?

Well the two aren't really related I suppose. Most of the people who buy stuff over the internet are under 18 and don't havea credit card so they don't really have a way to pay for stuff over the internet. So I'll rephrase:

Why do people pay for stuff on their phones when the same stuff is free on the internet?

I was looking in a magazine (a TV guide) and you could do a numerology love test for £1. Just text your name and your (possibly) beloved's name and get a percentage back. There are hundreds, possibly more, of those on the internet completely free so why would you ever pay a quid for it?

The other thing that got me was the advert had most popular ringtones. Why would you want one of the most popular ringtones? I thought the whole point of a custom ringtone was so your phone didn’t sound like everyone elses (although a train completely full of crazy frogs would have a certain humour about it).

Maybe people between 16 and 18 are just more prone to idiocy…

Or maybe this isthe evidence that mobile phones cause brain damage…]]>


Hooray for Galloway

<![CDATA[George Galloway is the member of parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow, the constituency I happen to live. Now I personally find him very annoying. He's part of a new political party called "Respect" that is aimed at unhappy Labout supporters.

Despite this, his appearance in front of a committee of senators in America was hilarious:

Washington Post

I think the best part was the accusation that he’s met with Saddam Hussein several times. As he points out he has met Saddam the same number of times as Donald Rumsfeld . Unlike Donald he wan’t there to sell him weapons though…
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