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N73, 770 and the Internet

I recently finally got a new mobile phone contract with a Nokia N73 with T-Mobile (UK), complete with “unlimited” Internet access. I have to say it is actually more useful than I thought it would be.

I have a little app called GCalSync which synchronizes the calendar with Google Calendar. I also have the official Google Mail client which is almost perfectly (it doesn’t seem to show whether messages in my inbox have a label or not – but it’s a minor concern). The best bit though it accessing the internet from Nokia 770 using the N73 as a bluetooth modem.

Setting is not as straight forward as it should be. The 770 has settings wizard and T-Mobile Internet is an option, but it’s settings are wrong. After searching for a bit I found the correct settings:

  • Number to dial: *99***1#
  • APN:
  • Username: user
  • Password: pass

The “1” part of the number to dial has a slight chance of being different. This number refers to the different connections your phone might have setup. By default the one you want is the first one and will only need to be something different if you’ve changed things.

After that you may want to set your 770 as a trusted device (in the bluetooth pairing options on you N73) so that you don’t need to say “OK” all the time on your N73 when your 770 wants to connect.

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BBC interested in TalkTalk

I got an unexpected email today from Catherine Wynne of the BBC. Apparently they are doing a piece about TalkTalk on the 6 o’clock news tonight and during the research came across my TalkTalk problems post (the one with 500+ comments – mostly about problems people are having).

They would like a number of comments from TalkTalk users regarding the service. If you’re interested (and read this quite a bit before 6pm 27th February), call:

Catherine Wynne
Number snipped since it’s no longer relevant

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Soon to be unbundled to TalkTalk

Yesterday I received a letter from TalkTalk announcing their equipment had been installed in my local exchange and that I would be connected at the end of March. Which according to some people may be the same time that I lose my internet access and phone line. They say it should only go down for twenty minutes and make big deal out of the fact that BT engineers will be doing the actual changeover.

Luckily I have internet access at work so I’ll let you know either way 🙂

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New feature from PayPerPost

Some people love them, some people hate them. Either way it seems PayPerPost are hear to stay.

They have just release a new feature to try and get more sign-ups that simultaneously gives publishers some exposure while out more money to them (they must be doing really well or have some confident venture capital behind them). The new feature, “Review My Post”. You’ll notice the links at the bottom of my posts for the time being. Basically you click the link, join PayPerPost and get a special opportunity just for you in which you have to review my post. I get free exposure as you promote my blog, you get $7.50 and PayPerPost get another (hopefully) loyal postie. The odd bit is I also get $7.50…

So it’s basically PayPerPost paying $15 for each new sign-up. Considering the crazy people out there and what they are paying (there is currently a $1000 opportunity that wants PR 8 sites only) I expect they’re getting their money’s worth.

This means you could get paid (as well as me) for reviewing my post (which I get paid for anyway) which is a review of a feature that lets people review other posts (and get paid) which may themselves be website reviews (that they’re paid for). That’s quite a chain of reviews…

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How to get TalkTalk broadband working

Phil Jones has written a guide to getting TalkTalk broadband working. Importantly the guide tells you how to do it without using the setup CD – quite a few of the problems people have had might not have happened had they not used the CD.

It’s in depth, complete and for the most part anyone should be able to follow it. I’m not sure the average user would be up to fitting a network card (something only a few people would have to do) but as he says, you may know someone who could help.

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Yahoo! Pipes is great, isn’t it?

Yahoo! have launched a new service called Pipes. It allows you take user input, grab web feeds, do clever stuff to the result and output it either as RSS or JSON – all with a nice graphical interface. I had a quick play with it and decided there was loads of potential for this. Although I couldn’t really think of any specific examples…

But I’m sure people will start coming up with cool stuff eventually 🙂