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How to get TalkTalk broadband working

Phil Jones has written a guide to getting TalkTalk broadband working. Importantly the guide tells you how to do it without using the setup CD – quite a few of the problems people have had might not have happened had they not used the CD.

It’s in depth, complete and for the most part anyone should be able to follow it. I’m not sure the average user would be up to fitting a network card (something only a few people would have to do) but as he says, you may know someone who could help.

26 thoughts on “How to get TalkTalk broadband working

  1. I am moving across to Talk Talk Broadband but I have the Sky Netgear DG834 router and I was wondering if I can set it up for Talk Talk Broadband?


  2. Yes, the settings you need are:

    Connection requires a logon: Yes
    VPI: 0
    VCI: 38
    Mode: PPPoA (Point to Point Protocol over ATM)
    Encapsulation: VC-MUX
    WAN IP address: Automatically assigned by ISP (DHCP)
    WAN DNS server addresses: Automatically assigned by ISP (DHCP)
    MTU: 1400
    Authentication method: CHAP
    Username: As TalkTalk welcome letter in the form
    Password: As TalkTalk welcome letter.

    Let us know if the above works. Bear in mind that although TalkTalk broadband is pretty standard and the Netgear DG834 is perfectly compatible with it, TalkTalk will not assist with connection problems if you use your own equipment. That’s not for any good technical reason, merely that the helpdesk staff aren’t familiar with the web based user interface for any router other than their own supplied router, the SmartAX MT882.


  3. Hi Phil,

    I will give this a bash as soon as our line is active (next week) but how do you set the username and password if the firmware on the Sky Routers is locked out?

    Is there away of manipulating the firmware to somehow allow you to install the standard firmware off the net?

    Are the above settings for a normal DG834GT router or for the SKY DG834GT router?



  4. I have looked at at Netgear DG834GT router/modem with the Sky logo on it. The admin username is admin and the password is sky. After that I was able to make any changes I wanted.


  5. I took a look again but I must be blind as I do not see anywhere where I can change the username and password after getting into the router’s admin section. Can you tell me where you see it?


  6. I don’t know how old your router is but I obviously have a different version of the Netgear/Sky firmware. What version do you have? I have Firmware V1.02.28

    Do input the username and password here:

    Dynamic DNS

    Use a Dynamic DNS Service

    Service Provider
    Host Name
    User Name

    Use Wildcards


  7. The router I use is a Linksys WAG54GS from Morgan Computers £29.34 it has 4 ethernet sockets, and wireless but no USB. That said, if you have just the one computer and no call for wireless, it offers no advantage over the excellent MT882. The settings that Phil Jones describes above are good, you will find that all UK ADSL providers use the same basic settings, the only thing that varies is username and password. Even the DNS settings can usually be left to automatic (my router gives you no choice in the matter) and many will try both PAP and CHAP authentication (again mine does this automatically) and choose the one that works (one less setting to worry about).

    The MTU normally defaults to 1500 which is too high in practice and does cause problems. Phil has recommended a manual setting of 1400 which will work, you can actually get away with up to 1432 (fastest I have used) with no issues at all.

    If you have a lot of used phone sockets, it may not be such a good idea to put all those filters in parallel across your ADSL. You can get a “central” filter that replaces the front cover of your BT Masterbox from, make sure you get the one with two extra contacts on the back so you have the option of plugging your ADSL in there, or running some permanent wiring to a better spot.


  8. Hi all

    I’ve just tried to set up the modem using Phil’s excellent guide, but have found that when I got to this bit:

    SNR Margin
    Now look at the crucial SNR Margin Down/Up figure

    My figure is 17.5/1

    I assume this is bad, is it a line fault therefore why my broadband is not working? It was fine before it was unbundled…


  9. well im another disgruntled tt customer, id been quite happy with it really until 26th march then the dreaded unbundling day came and ive had problems ever since , with frequent disconnections had the engineers out said there was a fault at the exchange and im now told that ive got to wait 10 days for everything to reset itself, ive got the smartax modem 882 but im wondering now if i should change this as my daughter has bought me a linksys adsl2 modem do you think this will help ive noticed on my logs etc that there are very high crc hec and fec numbers are these errors ? lynn


  10. I have heard that the talk talk bb software is a disaster, so i decided not to install it, so im setting up the installation manually,
    But i cant seem to find the number that it dials up with, people say is 33 some even say its 0.

    Would apprescaite it if someone can help


  11. i have been with talk talk broadband for a few months now and recently i have purchased a philips wireless networking starter kit, i have been through the step by step instruction on what to do, set everything up right, but when i want to go on the internet with the computer thats plugged into the router and modem it doesn’t work.

    can you help me please!!


  12. Hi,

    Can you provide a guide for installing broadband using a SAGEM F@ST 800 USB modem on Vista Ultimate. I hade no problems on XP. I thinkk the crux of the problem is that Vista has setup my connection as a PPPoE and not PPPoA, but it doesn’t give me that option.

    Can anyone help?


  13. i have a linksys wag54gs how can i setup with talktalk plz any help would be wonderful as my wireless router has been laying under my bed for months


  14. There are many guides as to how to set up any router for TalkTalk. A Google search will find all the settings in minutes. Some of them are at the top of this thread.


  15. I have spent hours on the telephone to various help lines trying to transfer from sky broad band to talk talk broadband. Technical support of sky told me the various changes to implicate talk talk but I needed to speak to the netgear (router company) they said I needed to download a file from the web on disk and this would allow me to make the changes which was told I could do from netgear and sky. I tried to downloaded the files I got from another computer but it did not work I rang back Talk Talk and netgear and this time I was told that the sky router would never work and I needed to get a complete new router as sky had inbuilt technical data that cannot be removed. BEWARE when changing – however I am still going to try with some of the ideas that are posted on the web. Basically the techniccal help lines are long waiting times expensive calls and they rarely no anything at all.


  16. Spent many hours with talktalk trying tol og onto secure sites. eventually spoke to guy who knew what he was talking about and i had to lower the configured mtu i9n the wan settings. now works ok but what does this mean and why do 99% of talktalk advisers know nothing about it?


  17. I use a TP-LINK 108M Wireless ADSL2+ Router and need to know the settings so i can set it up with talk talk.



  18. Hi,

    I have set up broadband with talktalk and get it connected by changing the username and password under wan setting. However, my msn stop working since then. Any idea what should I do?


  19. To Daniel (October 17th post, msn problem), possible an MTU problem, especially if your having problems with windows updates website and the likes too.
    MTU can be changed in your router, set it to 1430 and see if it helps.
    This site should help if you have no idea how to do this;

    You should also clear the temp files and cache via your browser, off the top menu in Internet Explorer tools/internet options/general tab


  20. I am about to buy a Netgear 54Mbps ADSL Modem Router if i plug this in to my existing telephone line will it work i am on TALK TALK broadband i am trying to get this to work for my gran.

    plz help!..


  21. I helped my brother and sister in law change their Talk Talk broadband to use this Netgear wireless router. I struggled for about an hour and then remembered something obvious that made it work. Simply follow the installation disc instructions – all you effectively do is take the modem to microfilter connector cable from the old modem and put it in the wireless router which is connected via a network cable to the pc. As your old modem is still plugged in via the USB cable, during setup, the Netgear picks up what the settings are for your connection and then will set it up for you – you just have to put in the TalkTalk username and password at the relevant bit (phone The tricky bit for me was at the end of the installation. It said it had been set up successfully but when I tried to go to a webpage, it redirected to a talk talk page advising that settings were incorrect and explained how to call up the router login page to check the details and make any changes if required. Everything seemed ok but when I tried to test the connection via the link at the bottom of the page it would come up ‘failed’. I spent ages trying to check everything before I finally twigged as to the problem. I still had the USB cable for the old modem plugged in – even though it wasn’t connected to the phone line, it was by USB to the pc. I pulled the USB cable out and hey presto! the connection was made and everything worked.


  22. I’m having a major problem with Netgear DG834G and TalkTalk. Everything is setup but after a short time the web browse just fails to load the pages. I can connect to the router configuration page via the wifi connection (so no wireless connection problem there between the laptop & router). The router’s status shows that the connection to the ISP is still connected which the router automatically checks every few seconds.

    I’ve tried lowering the MTU several times down from the routers (connection wizard’s) assigned value of 1458 but to change, still unable to browse – example web browser status bar states: Web site found, waiting for connection…

    Seems to work fine from the supplied wired router fine!

    Any one got any ideas…?


  23. My dad has Talk Talk. The modem, the Smartax mt882 one, seems to need to warm up or something. At first the link light flashes green after being amber for a little while. But for example it ran well for about 12 hours last night, after this initial problem, and this is the pattern. I thought it was only old valvy technology that needed to warm up. My dad mostly wants to use eBay and so logs on about ten minutes before, not good. Is it likely that the modem is faulty, given how well it works once it’s been on a while? Can I test it myself? I installed the dreaded CD on my dad’s Advent laptop, but plugged my own Toshiba one in during a visit and was up and running without any tinkering or the CD. The ‘warm-up’ problem occurs with either laptop, so I’m thinking the line is okay. I don’t think my parents have this BT master socket. Will BT still fit it, and free, even though my parents have slung their hooks to Talk Talk? I am using a 5m ADSL cable because all the sockets are in the wrong place in this house, for this broadband connection. A socket is due to be added but in the meantime I would be able to use a shorter ADSL lead if we bring an electric extension unit in to trail behind some cupboards and get the modem near enough to power without using the longer ADSL lead, if that extension unit wouldn’t cause any additional problems…

    Less importantly, during visits to my parents’ I was hoping to download music and video (Limewire/ Frostwire/ Bittorrent), but Talk Talk seem to obstruct the speed of this (similarly-priced Tiscali doesn’t, going by a friend’s downloading antics) – have people here found this? Manual port-forwarding seems a hassle and seems it wouldn’t help anyway?

    Thanks very muchin advance.


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