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Carphone Warehouse

Ooh, drama.

I recently received an email from a Carphone Warehouse representative asking me to remove the personal information about one of their employees I had published. Specifically, two of Charles Dunstone’s email addresses.

If one or both of the email addresses are actually personal addresses of Mr Dunstone and this is an attempt to protect them, then it’s rather futile. Firstly because I first heard of them from a commenter so someone else obviously knew it a while ago andh as probably told others. Secondly, the fact that they were published for even a moment on the web means they’ve been scraped and stolen by hundreds of bots. So if they are being bombarded by emails offering cheap OEM software, fake Rolex watches, dodgy claims about various stocks or warnings about losing access to a PayPal account, I apologise. As for the many emails from customers trying to sort out problems with their service? Well if people were getting the replies they wanted from the public emails then none of this would have happened.

I should also point out that the email contained a standard disclaimer saying the correspondence was private. I figured that since it specifically regarded a public action (i.e. blatantly changing content on the site) then people would notice anyway and an explanation was in order.

As a final personal disclaimer I would like to say that unlike many others I still haven’t had any problems with TalkTalk as a customer.

5 thoughts on “Carphone Warehouse

  1. They tried the same on me. I conceded to quite a few demands, EXCEPT for Dunstone’s e-mail address. I think it’s in the public interest to know, which cooperates with the DPA (as far as I’m aware.)

    I’m guessing this is from Mr. F or Mr. S.

    They’ll hassle you once a week at the very least. I did find out that prosecuting under the DPA is actually just filing a complaint with the controller. They then look at the info and make a judgement. I also found out there’s no precedent for this, completely new territory so it’s iffy as to whether they would even win.


  2. Oops lol

    So have you removed the offending email address in question? Because if a commenter posted it, it’s not your own content and therefore not your responsibility.

    All comments posted are the opinion of the authors and so on bladi bladi 🙂


  3. The Data Protection Act provides no mechanism to force you to remove an email address from your site. An email address is treated as data that is already in the public domain.

    However, as you are aware of spam bots that harvest email addresses, formatting the address to hide it from the bots while leaving it readable for people is always a good idea.

    It looks like Carphone have got a struggle on their hands:


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