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Steve Jobs doesn’t like DRM

Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple has announced that the “best alternative” for consumers regarding digital music downloads is the removal of digital rights management. Implications from previous interviews have strongly suggested that he personally doesn’t like it and having the largest share of the personal music player market means it would be good for business too.

The music industry (and the movie/TV industry to a less extent) have to be worried by this. The sales from iTunes are now significant enough that if Apple threatens to remove DRM anyway then they would lose too much by not complying.

Ideally Bill Gates will announce similar feelings. Surely it’s good PR all round for Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to be united solely to protect the consumer? I’m being a little hopeful perhaps…

2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs doesn’t like DRM

  1. Several people have pointed out that Apple used DRM as much for vendor lock-in than anything else. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Steve Jobs doesn’t really believe that DRM is bad. The fact that Apple have such a lead in legal paid music downloads and “MP3” players (and that the average iPod+iTunes user knows very little about the restrictions on their purchases) means they’re unlikely to lose customers by opening the system up now…


  2. The problem is that if Apple said to the big music companies that they would remove all DRM from their songs, those companies would then remove permission to sell them, which would be bad – Steve Jobs’ “Thoughts On Music” post ( explains that if it weren’t for those music companies requiring that DRM be present in order for them to allow their music to be sold via iTunes, Apple would remove DRM in a heartbeat.


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