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My first experience with TalkTalk customer support

As many of you may be aware (most of you judging by the search engine keywords people use to get here with), I’m a TalkTalk customer. Now quite a few people are having problems with TalkTalk. Luckily I’ve had no problems with TalkTalk (although that might change when I’m unbundled. And for the most part that’s still true, although I did recently have a minor problem that led to me calling TalkTalk support.

Firstly, the problem I had was nothing to do with the Internet. It was a problem calling Julia in America. I would call and get nothing but silence. After a while it would ring but someone else would answer the phone who apparently couldn’t hear me. After talking to Julia over the Internet I discovered that she could hear me and she could also hear the third person. Very strange. Another point is that to call Julia and it be free (well at least included in the £10 a month we pay) I have to dial a prefix. Without the prefix everything was fine. So it was probably some obscure routing problem specific to TalkTalk.

So I called their support line. Specifically the one for landline faults. I got through straight away and told them I was having a problem calling America. They said it was a known issue and they were dealing with it. 24 hours later it was working fine.

I tell you this simply to point out that not quite everyone is having a problem with TalkTalk…

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6 thoughts on “My first experience with TalkTalk customer support

  1. after suffering 39 days with no phone, no internet, no explanation and no apology from Talktalk, we terminated our contract, and awaited the refund of 2 months direct debit, our mobile phone charges (as promised!) and a refund of the £30 broadband installation, as it had never worked properly and the LLU was responsible for the loss of phone line. After 2 letters advising them that we would go to court, that is what we have had to do. They had the cheek to offer us £90, only if we didn’t claim compensation! So now we are also claiming exemplary damages, for forcing us to go to court. We are over 65 and could do without this, but we can’t let them win – and Dunstone is a millionaire, for god’s sake!


  2. We were TalkTalk consumers whilst we lived in London. On the 15th of January 2007 we returned to Australia and prio to our departure emailed TalkTalk through their website requesting cancellation of the service.

    Previous experience with ringing TalkTalk taught me that such method of communication was next to useless and therefore not employed.

    After several similar email attempts I finally received an automated response which gave a ‘tracking number’. This was some two weeks ago. Still no further response from TalkTalk.

    The account is in my daughters name as she resides in London. Payment of the account is made through her bank account.

    As recently as yesterday she rang (poor thing) TalkTalk to attempt to sort out the delay in cancellation of the service. TalkTalk response was that they have no record of the cancellation request.

    As told to me by my daughter “They have no record of a cut-off request. There’s nothing on their computer systems, apparently. I explained the situation but they just can’t be bothered, don’t care and continue, obviously, to make money for as long as the connection remains so have no interest in sorting this out. I’ve now been told that it’ll take another 10 working days to disconnect. I asked how I would actually know that this has been done given the shambolic nature of their response to the last disconnection request. They told me they’d call me after it had been disconnected and started to say goodbye. When I asked what number they thought they might ring me on, the response was (number deleted…….but you guessed it…..the talktalk landline number that is being requested to be cancelled). Ah, yes, I said, that makes perfect sense: you’ll ring me on the telephone line you’ve just disconnected to tell me you’ve just disconnected it. ”

    At this point TalkTalk has benifited from a months subscription from a vacant house and it appears will continue to do so for some time yet.

    When the TalkTalk system is up and running it is brilliant . But their support infrastructure at first level is pathetic. After our initial connection in 2006 we were without broadband and telephone (at times) for a month. We later lost it for over two weeks.

    trying to explain the problems and getting them fixed was an absolute nightmare.

    Can anyone suggest a method to alert ‘the powers to be’ at this company of the problems we are experiencing?


  3. we have two phone lines in our home, one for each floor, and the downstairs phone got cut off as early as new years. we had no idea why, then the broadband connection started to go funny – refused to connect, would suddenly disconnect me etc. then the upstairs phone caught up by starting to have a crackly line. After countless phone calls to India it was concluded that i had a virus of somesort on my computer which was stopping me from connecting to the internet and apparently it was affecting my landline too. what a dolt i was to believe that.

    My connection has improved but not much, im extremely lucky to stay connected for at least 3 hours on a 2.2Mps speed ‘broadband’ connection, and now our phones have been completely kaput for at least 50 days. We reported our problem at least a fortnight ago, and they still haven’t sorted it out. They had even confidently said that the problem will bee deduced within 72 hours. Pah. For the first 7 months the broadband worked like magic but now it’s really all gone tits up. I have no confidence in talktalk whatsoever now.


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