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TalkTalk unbundling

Firstly, some of the posts about TalkTalk problems are getting a little heated, especially now some TalkTalk call centre workers have posted. Trying and keep everything vaguely cordial.

Secondly I have an update (sort of) regarding unbundling. I recently posted that the unbundling dates were 31st August. Well another post on Sam Knows said they were the dates Carphone Warehouse originally posted and haven’t actually been updated since. As such some people already are unbundled – most people aren’t.

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40 thoughts on “TalkTalk unbundling

  1. The problem I can see is if you’re having this much trouble before unbundling, when it does come through, moving somewhere else will be even more difficult because unbundled services do not adhere to the Migration Authorisation agreements made!


  2. The issue of handing out Migration codes is, surprisingly, voluntarily, however, changes are in the pipeline to make it mandatory!


  3. Ever we were upgraded or unbundled or whatever on 13/9/06 we have had no connection and no clear answers as to why this is. Has anyone else had this problem – is there a solution?


  4. Our internet connection was dropped since September 27th and we are still waiting for resolution to our problem.

    We were told our exchange has recently been “upgraded/LLU unbundled” to give us “faster” service. Of course they didnt think of writing to tell us in advance. Customer support – after 50 minutes waiting – had no idea what was wrong and said there were no problems and to check my connection.

    I am going to try plugging my PC directly into our main telephone socket and see if it is just down to our telephone extension since our unbundling nightmare.

    Talk Talk is lousy…. don’t ever join this ship of fools!

    After reading stories from others with LLU unbundling problems… I fear that I am going to be offline a very long time!


  5. My mother-in-law (retired) and my sister-in-law (one income, 2 adults/2kids), were both struggling with Dial-Up, and in the second case the dial-up calls were increasing. MIL got a Sagem800 modem, SIL got Speedtouch330. The driver software for Speedtouch didn’t work, and we had to download a newer version from the Thomson site. That caused a number of problems at the start of her time with TalkTalk, however, her experience of unbundling has been positive. She got a notification, her phone/inet was off for about 4 hours, and she is getting speeds of 509kB/s (with the “parity” bit, and without taking into account any bad packets, that’s 4.5Megabits/s, pretty good).

    MIL’s modem connected straight away, in accordance with the instructions, and the speed was not great, but much faster than dial-up! For the last couple of weeks her internet has not been working, but that may be an error on her part, I am visiting tomorrow to check. Earlier this week, she got a call from BT that they had noticed that her “Call Minder” had not been withdrawn when she switched. Since then, she can make outgoing calls, but incoming ones do not ring on her phone, callers hear the “Call Minder” cut in after about 7 rings but of course she cannot access them. Calling the phone fault team at TalkTalk results in a very long wait (at least it’s 0800) only to be told that it’s an LLU problem, and you are being transferred to another queue, which I gave up on yesterday after 40 minutes as I was at work, working one-handed and eventually had to leave my desk!

    In both cases, there were problems with logging in to e-mails, so I arranged for them to get GoogleMail instead. I think it’s great. Won’t be going back to POP3 any time soon. I’ve never been impressed by Webmail before. MIL in particular finds it much easier to read. There is a firefox “greasemonkey” extension enabling e-mail links on websites to launch a GMail compose window, so that’s great.

    Does anyone know if there’s a way of getting straight through to the “unbundling” team without having to queue for ages first?


  6. Update on MIL’s unbundling. Thursday evening her outgoing calls stopped also, no dial tone. Before this happened, I should point out that when she tested her outgoing calls by phoning her own mobile, the number reported was the correct phone number. Last night I went to have a look, everything was dead, the phone, internet, the lot. I stayed over, and this morning she asked me to put my new phone number into her house phones, and just for fun, I pressed the “pickup” button and got a dial tone. So I phoned my mobile and a completely different number came up on the screen. I then tried the Broadband. First attempt, as before, dead as a doornail, ran the diagnostic software from Win98SE, and it told me to reboot. After the reboot, with the original username and password, it connected! So I rebooted into Linux, and noticed some pretty quick speeds (variable between 200+ kB/s to 780 kB/s, that’s bytes, not bits) were reported while I did a software update. However I was getting poor speeds looking up my GoogleMail. Obviously all this depends on the servers at the other end, so I did the ADSL speed test and got a reported 5.4Mbit/s download, though only 0.4MBit upload.

    I wonder, Oliver, or one of the TalkTalk employees who browses this site: would there be problems if MIL tried to restore her original phone number, or would it be best to leave well alone?

    MIL signed up before they brought out free broadband with Talk3, so she has Talk3 International. For all the poor service she has had, and for the problems SIL had at the start, and the lousy customer service, I must say that Broadband at that speed, with calls included, all for £21 a month, is pretty good. You get what you pay for, and neither could have afforded something like £18 a month on top of their BT bills for a similar or even more restricted (speed, cap) broadband.

    The problem with sites which attract complaints is that only those with something to complain about come to them. I think all of us (apart from the other companies), whatever we think of TalkTalk, Dunstone, their call centre staff (personally I sympathise with the staff), etc., should hope they can eventually pull this off, because that means that Broadband prices will plummet in Rip-Off Britain!

    Let’s face it, once the lines are in place and things are going smoothly, Internet Access is hardly labour-intensive, it should be possible to provide a reasonable service, with well-paid, motivated staff, at a fraction of the cost most ISPs are charging.


  7. I have had no problems switching from BT to TalkTalk until I was unbundled this week. The phone works ok but Internet service disappeared. I tried calling the helpdesk but don’t have time to wait as long as is necessary (I hung up after 45mins on hold). What seems to help is rebooting my router. This will get me connected after a couple of reboots. Speed is highly variable now though — in between the old 2mb/s to nothing.

    Since I work from home regularly in the evenings, this is annoying and I regret moving from BT. Unbundling technology seems to be in its infancy, so don’t do it unless you like experimenting with your router settings and are prepared to accept an unreliable internet connection. You get what you pay for….



  8. Rene – What modem are you using? My Sis-in-law has the Speedtouch 330, which needed a Windows driver update from the Thomson web site before it would connect at all!

    Also, both sets of speeds I mention in previous posts following unbundling were tested under Linux. The 330 was slightly harder to set up under Linux than the Sagem 800, but every so often the Sagem seems to need a hardware reset (ie unplug, plug) to get it to reload its firmware.

    You say you have a router. I have read that there is a speed or timeout setting that needs to be adjusted from the recommended one of 1500 to 1400, not sure what it is as I don’t have one yet, but search the net. People have reported a more reliable connection after making this adjustment.

    If your connection restarts after resetting the router, the likelihood is the problem is at your end.


  9. Further update on MIL’s unbundling. As of today her correct phone number has been restored! She answered a call from a man earlier this week who phoned his own number, which is the one that she had got. He can’t be very popular, that’s the only call she got for him! Oh and my father-in-law took an odd phone call one day when she was out. That may have been for the other number!

    Anyway, to summarize: She has had free phone calls and internet from sometime in July/August, for the inclusive charge of £20.99 a month. On 26/9/06 her internet went down, outgoing calls only from 2/10/06, no phone at all from 5/10/06, internet restored 7/10/06, phone restored 7/10/06 with wrong number, correct number re-instated 12/10/06.

    Now hopefully the LLU disrpution is over. If the 5+ Mbit/s broadband and phone service stay maintained, I am impressed. At present I am paying £11 + calls to BT for Phone, and £17.99 for 2Mbit/s broadband to NTL cable.

    I’m no particular lover of any communications company, certainly not TalkTalk/Carphone Warehouse, but as I have said before it’s important that TalkTalk comes through these problems, not just for its own customers but for all of us. If they survive, how can other firms carry on charging what they do for Internet and Broadband? They’ll have to cut their prices too.


  10. I have been unbundelled today, my internet works great, but i can’t dial out or in. the dial tone is an intermitent tone.

    TT say it should be sorted by morning…

    anyone else had this problem?


  11. Hi Adam,

    I’ve had a similar problem. I can’t dial out (no dial tone). When someone dials in, the phone rings but when I ‘answer’ it, they still hear it ringing and it goes to voicemail that I can’t pickup.

    Internet works fine though. Was unbundled a few weeks ago which gave speed increase from 2.2 to 6.2Mbit/s (whizz…) but phone went pear-shaped on Sunday. Bought new phone Monday (needed an excuse anyway), reported fault Tuesday. Now Thursday and still not working… Grrrr…

    After much pestering of the LLU dept., they agreed to transfer incoming calls to my mobile, although they’re not apparantly been told to stop doing this anymore…

    Get what you pay for I suppose…


  12. Friday now… still waiting for my landline to be restored.

    In answer to BigDave, you can go through direct to LLU department on 0870 0873527 but you’ll probably still have to queue and it’ll cost ‘who knows what’ per minute if you don’t call from a TalkTalk landline, which of course you can’t if it’s broken… Honestly – this is ridiculous.


  13. I read somewhere recently that around 20% of ALL conversions to LLU go pear-shaped. TalkTalk’s problem is that they depend on LLU conversion, as paying BT for bandwidth on the phone and internet is clearly a loss leader.

    Mum-in-law is getting reasonably quick responses from the TalkTalk website “contact us” screen, and they have been sending text updates to her mobile. Things have definitely improved overall, but that’s no comfort to those who haven’t been able to have their problems resolved.

    If you cannot phone TalkTalk LLU team from a TalkTalk phone, go to a Carphone Warehouse. They will contact them for you.


  14. Got upgraded on 25/10, lost everything since then. Great difficulty in contacting Talktalk, have spoken (eventually) to operators in Warrington, Northampton and South Africa (SA).
    The SA operator said she would transfer my landline calls to my mobile, but it hasn’t happened.


  15. Local exchange upgraded 10 days ago – our landline went down same day – no dial tone and no incoming calls. Broadband still works. We have had no landline since then. I work from home and after 40 minutes on hold got through to someone and was promised calls would be diverted to my mobile (9 days ago) – this hasn’t happened.


  16. Since 4th October I have had neither landline (completely dead) nor broadband! Today is 4th November and I have spoken with TT employees almost daily and am continually fobbed off and told that work is being done on the line. After 3 weeks they agreed to divert calls to my mobile. They even telephoned me last week to say that everything was tested and working and took off the divert! Needless to say the line wasn’t working and I had to ring again to get the divert re-instated! I have been given Charles Dunstones email address but they are returned. Can any one help with this?

    Needless to say I am most unhappy!


  17. Hi to you all.
    TalkTalk broadband was installed with very few problems and pretty constant reliability until the fateful day that my service was “improved to give me the best possible connection”
    Yup it was the dreaded LLU unbundling operation- I was notified in advance but they went and carried out the changeover the night before so not much point in the advance notification and the downtime was as predicted – landline restored albeit with a “European Dial Tone!!!!” and broadband up and running with no probs – until the following evening.
    The service goes down the pan big time at peak usage periods -say 7pm till midnight. If I do get a connection after 7pm it is so slow that I cry out for my old dial up pay as you go line back.
    Calls to the helpline eventually got my complaint logged and a member of the LLU team did actually call me back three times. His verdict was that “we have a major broadband outage problem at my local exchange,they are aware of the problem and that I am by no means the only customer affected. It will be corrected within days.”
    Days stretch into weeks and weeks into months and still the problem is unresolved.
    Come on TT , I was a happy customer who was prepared to champion your cause against all the adverse publicity but you are testing my patience to the limit.


  18. We have exactly the same probelm. The local exchange (locks heath) got upgraded on 25 October. Since then Broadband still works although only at 2.2Mbits/s. No dial tone, and when you ring the number you get the unobtainable tone. They have said they would divert calls to mobile, but this has not happened. Despite daily calls to the 0870 number with long waits talktalk never ring you back, and cannot seem to talk to their subcontarct engineers


  19. Oh, and I thought it was only me suffering!

    We used Talktalk as a phone operator for ages and they have been very good. Changed to Broadband deal and connection was initally very slow. Yep we got ‘upgraded’ (with no warning so no phone for a day and several phone calls to even discover what was going on ). Now we have broadband and it works, quite quickly but if we receive or make a phone call the internet connection cuts out! We also now have loud crackling on the phone. Apparently they are ‘looking into it’ and it will be resolved but it has been like that for weeks and weeks. I do want to try to stay loyal to TT but it’s hard!

    Can anyone help with the other issue of their e-mail? although we registered three accounts with passwords and we can send and receive mail we can’t change passwords as those accounts do not appear on our talk talk screen (only on theirs). Should I be using another free mail server and if so who? someone who is safe hopefully?
    Anyone help?


  20. We were “cut over” to 8M services on Wednesday 8 November. It is now Wednesday 15 November and all this time we’ve had no dialtone and no internet. TalkTalk faults keep telling me they’ll send me progress updates to my cellphone. I received two updates – each read “we’ll update you in 48 hours”.

    During one of my calls to faults a lady admitted all customers cut over on Wed 8 Nov had no phone, but when wrote to confirm this they responded “not true”.

    I still don’t know what’s wrong, still have no service, still get told I’ll be informed of the progress soon.

    I’m really pissed off now.

    Our exchange is the Ealing exchange. But I have a friend in Walthamstow with no internet either and she is on TalkTalk.

    Has anyone ever had a half-good experience with TalkTalk on LLU?


  21. I joined in June and did not get Broadband till August. Luckily I kept NTL broadband between the two dates and after as I was worried about the service. However for the first two weeks it was OK and so I cancelled NTL.

    Soon after broadband became effectively inoperable after 6 pm – rang TalkTalk – got no where with waiting for hours and then being cut off, talking to the Indian call centres who I had to inform about how broadband works, etc, etc. I wrote a complaint and I got a useless reply letter promising nothing. Things got worse with LLU with no broadband at all and no dial tone on the phone. They sent another modem but speeds are a 10th of dial-up! Have written a further letter to compain and to cancel their service and have gone back to NTL and BT who I never had any problems with – I’d rather pay for a reliable service than none at all! I have also complained to OFCOM as should all people who have had bad experiences with TalkTalk.


  22. Success,at least for now,possibly,or am I imagining things?
    After weeks of speaking to TalkTalk staff in Asia,South Africa and even dowtown Warrington,(and to every one of them I have to admit that I have always been treated with courtesy and respect – but not getting my problem solved – ie: post LLU upgrade being an effective downgrade) I decide to email Mr Dunstone himself to ask if he had any indication as to when the problem was going to be addressed. My email was very even handed with no sarcasm or invective.
    Within four hours I was contacted by an LLU engineer who agreed to send out a new SmartAX modem to replace my Thompson Speedtouch as he seemed to think that it might help.
    The next day I notice that my apparent connection speed has dropped back to its pre LLU level of 2Meg and that I have returned to the relative consistancy of service that I had enjoyed pre LLU although still showing a some drop,and struggling to handle streaming audio,at peak times.
    Two days later another LLU engineer calls (does not know about the first call)and tells me that at my distance from the exchange which is about 1.9Km as the crow flies I am unlikely to get much better than 3Meg. He will get my connection speed hiked up from the 2Meg to 3Meg but if I experience a severe drop off at peak times I will have to ask for it to be returned to the 2Meg which is giving the best consistancy.
    Two days later the new modem arrives which appears to make no significant difference.
    Next day my connection speed goes up to 3.5Meg dropping to about 3Meg at peak times – and I am flying. Consistant connection and streaming audio working with no interuptions to the buffering. OK it might not be 8Meg but its good enough for me.

    Is this for real or am I dreaming or will I find that it all goes pear shaped again in the future? Honestly I do not know but what I do know is that being pleasant to these people can get results – I have lost count of the number of times that they have phoned me to see if things have been resolved.


  23. Following LLU ‘upgrade’ I lost landline and internet access for over a week. 10 days later, I lost everything again. This time it is proving even more difficult to contact someone at TalkTalk and promises to transfer calls to my mobile hasn’t happen yet. No matter who I speak to, not one of them can advise me of the the procedure to get a rent reduction or compensation for all the extra mobile calls I’m making.


  24. Latest news is that my mum-in-law and sis-in-law’s broadband are going great. My dad’s and his missus live 250 miles away, they had talk talk and couldn’t get it connected. I bought them a Wireless router and an ADSL Splitter that bolts onto the main BT socket for Xmas and let them have it early when I went there a week or two ago, as their computer is a wireless laptop.

    When I got there I was shocked. Is it any wonder they couldn’t get ADSL working? In these days of DECT phones etc, they have a separate phone in every room, about 5 in all, with so all these filters probably have a cumulative effect sitting in parallel across the ADSL line. So getting all of these out and setting up the wireless router near their front door was a must. Also they had been on dial up, and the computer kept trying to dial up!

    Logging into it was a pain. Windows XP was telling me that there was no connection, an assertion supported by an error message to the same effect in Internet Explorer. However, Firefox connected to the net, though it dropped from time to time. You could click on the “Wireless Connect” icon in the system tray, and you’d get a neverending message “Trying to Connect” but Firefox was back on in seconds.

    Fortunately this particular laptop came with the Hard Drive in two partitions, so I moved their personal stuff over and re-installed Windows from the rescue disks. I did not bother with the software, the Access Point was already set up and Windows “just found” it, could not get WEP or WPA working so I used MAC filtering, job done.

    Anyway dad’s missus had been shouting the odds at CPW for weeks, I had it sorted in a couple of hours.

    My advice? With the new MT882 modem, use the Ethernet cable and follow the instructions for connecting a MAC computer. This will work equally with Windows, Linux, Solaris, Amiga OS or any other system that knows how to work an ethernet socket. Use the TalkTalk software at your peril!


  25. i signed with talktalk 19 may broadband go live date end august iam still wating
    i have phoned every 10 days from end of august waste of time time to pack it in and go back to bt


  26. Well I took the plunge and applied for TalkTalk myself on 28 Dec. By 3-4 Jan I will have served my 3 months with BT having moved from NTL cable, and they reckon I’ll have Broadband by end of Feb. As I still have NTL (broadband only) I will keep that until everything’s going nicely. The thought of everything for £20 a month was too tempting, and my experience of TalkTalk with FOUR other people is that NONE of them could set it up on their own, just a simple case of Computer Illiteracy. I hasten to add in a couple of cases TalkTalk were partly at fault as well, but without me the people would still be without. I’ve got a wireless/ethernet AP/firewall/router and I’ll be using that.

    After I left my dad and stepmum I have had several calls about their broadband not working, but the truth is that they chose to move 250 miles away from their family and no-one else visits at all, I suspected they just wanted another social call. When I finally convinced them that I had insufficient leave left for a long weekend this side of June, they finally did what I told them: powered down the wireless router, powered it up again, switched it on and tried again. Hey presto, back came the internet! Shit happens.

    I had taken possession of one of the MT882s they got, and took that to Mum-in-law’s, subbed it for the flakey Sagem F@st800, undid the “ueagle” software (both in Linux and Win98) and connected the MT882 via ethernet in Linux. The setup took seconds, as everything except for their username/password had been set up by CPW, and connection was so easy. Just used the “Mac” instructions. I then rebooted into Win98 to find that the internet “just worked” none of the agg I got at my dad’s with WinXP. Maybe there’s a lesson somewhere!

    One of MIL’s neighbours had just switched to CPW and got a first month’s bill of about £100. Uh? Apart from the fact that they make too many mobile calls, well over half was internet dial-up! She thought that she “already had” the modem, as the RJ11 cable fitted a socket in the back of her computer! As I say, no accounting for Computer Illiteracy (or in this case, any kind!). I had told her when she ordered TalkTalk and didn’t order a modem to buy one, quick, I sourced a real cheapie similar in form and function to the MT882 on the net for about £20, told her to order it, but when it comes to saving a few bob, people really think they know best!

    I downloaded the S@gem800 drivers from the internet, set them up on the lady’s computer, wired everything up. Now she and her awful waster of a teenage son cannot dial up at all, and once they get their password from TalkTalk, they’ll just have to type it in on bootup. That’s from late October so I told her to nag them daily.

    I have no doubt at all that there are serious problems with TalkTalk in some cases, but based on the experience I have had with these relatives and “friends”, there are a lot of problems caused by the facts that (1) the TalkTalk software is not as friendly as it should be and (2) most people cannot be trusted to set up anything on a computer.

    What bothers me is that if I do have a problem with TalkTalk when my broadband goes live, my phone call will be in the queue with an assortment of people who should be getting help at the “home” end, not from Customer Service!


  27. The biggest problem I find is that people forget to click “Never Dial a Connection” in the Internet Options.

    They then continue to use their old dial-up connection and then either complain of slow speed (and seemingly fail to notice their modem making beeping noises as it dials out??!!??), or they have already cancelled their dial-up account and fail to get on to the net at all.

    Everyone seems to install the USB drivers for the SmartAX modem, even when they are using the Ethernet connection to it. Why do they do that?

    If you are using a SmartAX modem, and the Ethernet connection, then throw the Connect and Go CD straight in the nearest bin and set up the modem/router by hand using the instructions further up this page you are reading right now.


  28. Well my TalkTalk fast broadband is up and running. It’s only half the advertised speed, but I was paying £18 a month for 2Mbs from NT-hell, and phone and calls on top, so 4Mbs with calls and rental included for £20 is good for me.

    I just emerged through the Local Loop Unbundling fiasco. TalkTalk went live on 15 Feb, phone and SLOW broadband went dead for a few hours on 18 Feb, got courtesy call re “You’ve got Fast Broadband” late that afternoon, I replied “Oh no I haven’t no Broadband” and on 20th Feb the phone line went dead as well!

    Due to my current health I couldn’t get out to report the fault until Friday 23rd, on Sat 24th got incoming calls forwarded to my mobile, on Sun 25th got Broadband again (SLOW!!) which stopped late that evening, though no phone (strange!). Then at about 11.30am on 26th the phone and broadband came back on. This time it’s fast, nice! A crackle I used to have on the phone line seems to have gone as well.

    I’m still paid up to NTL until 18th March, so I was never totally without Broadband, but I have to say TalkTalk’s service has improved tremendously. The guy I spoke to last Friday was in Cape Town, it took no time at all to get through, he seemed quite knowledgeable about computers (important), and he agreed that the software was rubbish. He said the view of a lot of support staff is that if people have Ethernet connections on their computers, they should set up the router and avoid the software, and the instructions should reflect this. He also rued the fact that in South Africa they haven’t any broadband deals anything like this one! It’s an arm and a leg over there.

    Things have moved a long way since last October or so, I really cannot complain, it went wrong but I think they dealt with it OK.


  29. Spoke too soon! This was not TalkTalk’s fault on this occasion. 2-3 weeks ago before the unbundling, I began to get crackling on my line at certain times. Well after Monday’s positive experience, I got a combination of crackling, failures (phone) slowdowns and failures (broadband).

    Once again I never had the chance to phone them.

    On Wednesday morning my mobile rang, TalkTalk said that they were sending engineers round, when would it be OK? Reply – Thursday pm. They duly arrived this afternoon, and made some repairs to the overhead phone lines outside. A loose connection of some sort had been causing noise on the line during bad weather, which had caused other problems, TalkTalk had spotted this and sent the engineers round without me even reporting it. Good ever since. Let’s hope it stays that way.


  30. My TalkTalk broadband went live on Feb 13th after 4.5 days without any phone service and it took me 3.5 days to get a fault diagnosis, 3 promises to ring me back on my mobile were not met. The fault proved to be in the exchange jumpering. Engineer rang to confirm fault was clear, since when broadband has worked fine. Initially trying to receive emails failed 90% of the time but after emailing the CEO (who did take the trouble to reply), he said problem was under capacity and would be overcome soon. The next day CEO emailed that problem was fixed and sure enough emails have been ok since.
    After realising yesterday that we had had no incoming calls for nearly a week, I gave up trying to get through to support and discovered that a recently fitted TalkTalk ADSL microfilter was stopping the phone from ringing, outgoing calls were ok.
    Considering there is no extra charge for broadband I don’t think TalkTalk can be beaten yet by any other provider, despite initial problems and I would now recommend TT to friends with a proviso that they must not expect good support.


  31. LLU’d yesterday, no loss of service but broadband now visibly slower with speed tests reporting around 400kbps, previously 1.8Mbps – great!!!!

    Odd, my 3Com wireless modem / router reports the line as being 3.1Mbps was 2.2, don’t see how that makes sense.

    Maybe it will settle down but I’m not holding my breath.


  32. I work for CPW, and although TT is different part to what I do, I do feel that people who shout abuse constantly at the UK contact centre need injuring themselves. Proper injuring. Now when you get put through to India or wherever (which I’m strongly against this) your best to demand a supervisor cos they’re f’kin useless. This is true with Telewest, Belkin and most other companies these days here in the UK.

    Tbh, the crap service was BT’s fault. We was using their lines and they did it purposely (which was found out through lots of rigmarole), and so we went it alone and brought AOL. What you are being offered is amazing. But there’s going to be problems. (you know the saying nothing comes for free!!!). I like a solid internet and wouldn’t go near TT. If you actually care about your internet needs, don’t be a chav and go pay for decent internet off Telewest (Blueyonder, now Virgin). I pay £37 per month for 20MB connection. It’s shit hot and rules. Online gaming owns and it’s worth it.

    If you are prepared to wait and ride it out (bear in mind NOT EVERYONE has problems with TT, many users have never reported a problem), then good for you. Just get it disconnected if ur unhappy and go back to super “spy-ware efficient, hacker friendly, capped BT”. I’m sure they’d love someone back they can spy on!


  33. I joined the TalkTalk revolution in May last year, was told that my BB connection would be up in August at the old BT rate of 1Meg and that I would be unbundled in March of this year. Everything happened on time and with no fuss.

    After the unbundling though things started to go awry. My original speed of 5.7M fell to that below Dialup and it was taking anything upto 30s for a page to load.

    After much phoning to the other side of the world, I received a txt msg from the “engineer” which said that the problem had been resolved fully, but that if it wasn’t to text back “not resolved” which as it wasn’t, I did.

    A few days after that, I received a call which I think originated in my local exchange (Rayleigh) and was told by the engineer, that from the info that I had supplied, my modem (Sagem800) was not upto the job now that the linespeed had increased, and that he would arrange for their current model (Smartax MT882) to be delivered. Apparently they had had a lot of problems with this modem, disconnecting etc trying to keep up with the linespeed. This he did and since it arrived, I have had no problems with it and my speed is now 6.4M and stable.

    One of the down side events was to be told that because I was using P2P software that I was breaking TalkTalks rules. Downloaded their rules regs, then emailed Customer Diservices and asked where it is mentioned that this is not to be used, and that if they cared to inform me of what they regarded as Peak Times, I would schedule my d/l outside of these.

    It took 3 emails and a threat of sending them all off to Charlie Dunstone, 3 replies from 3 different people, all with non English names, none of them giving any information at all, except one genius who stated that the more files I had on my computer, the slower the d/l speed.

    So my feeling is that their technical people are reasonably competent, but that Customer Diservices are the pits and that they should transfer this department back to the UK, because the standard of service from SA is probably OK for SA, but not for a 1st world country, I know, I worked there for over 20 years.


  34. wait till they start to cap your speed when you do a few downloads, they say 40gig a month, i recon about 4gig you get, then its 100kbps download peek times, crap and crooked, ps there tech support team will try anything to pass the blame to your pc, no it cant be talktalk we are genuine. bush could work for talktalk tech team when he finishes office fit him like a glove?


  35. My line got unbundled in September.

    Since theren the Broadband has been constantly dropping out and in last few days my dialtone has been too.

    Talktalk’s claim is “no fault found”.

    Yeah right. Why is my broadband dropping out every 5-9 hours even when plugged into the master socket test point? Where’s my dialtone?


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