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Could TalkTalk software be the problem?

A few recent entries to the list of problems with TalkTalk seem like they could be software related. People not being able to use MSN Messenger or having problems getting their TalkTalk email for instance. The first one could be caused by a badly configured firewall which the TalkTalk software installs and the second by an apparent typo in the default mail settings.

The reason I bring this up is because installing the the TalkTalk software is one thing I never did. Since I was going to use a router with a modem built in I didn’t bother waiting for my welcome pack and just tried from the day they said the broadband would be active and everything worked fine. The irony is one of the first things any broadband technical support would ask you if you had a problem would be whether you are using a modem or a router since a modem should be simpler.

9 thoughts on “Could TalkTalk software be the problem?

  1. I second this… I did install the software, but removed it after having problems with linedrops and email (my was changed to which I’m not using!).

    Without the software, everything else appears to be working fine but of course, by not using it, I am excluded from TTs Wonderful Technical Support (assuming they have one)! 🙂


  2. Like you, I never installed the talktalk software,just reconfigured my router settings to those of talktalk. But nevertheless I cannot use MSN Messenger, it just won’t sign in. I haven’t been able to fx it either.


  3. TalkTalk “Connect and Go” software is crap. It requires you to reboot after every line drop. Just download the basic Sagem or Thomson drivers (big Mb) for trouble free connection. Have achieved 7.7 Mbs speed with no problem except that the remote computer refuses to connect due to excess loading.


  4. I think I’m having a conflict between F-Secure and Live Messenger. I want to uninstall F-Secure but can’t by any of the normal means. Talktalk helpline can’t help.
    Anyone any suggestions?


  5. I have just gone over to Talktalk mail from AOL. Thought it would be a move for the better. Amongst other things, it won’t let me store any addresses – I have tried everything…. Can anyone help. Also is there any way i can access it without signing in everytime? It’s driving my husband mad!!!


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