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TalkTalk service could change

To all those people with TalkTalk problems, the quality of your service may change.

I found this page on Sam Knows that is apparently a list of telephone exchanges with scheduling dates for TalkTalk unbundling. According to the information there, no exchanges have actually been switched completely to TalkTalk yet. When they do switch there should be a difference in quality. For most people it apparently couldn’t get worse so this should be seen as a good thing.

The date for the changeover is 31/08/06. I’m a little suspicious about the authenticity of those dates since a reasonable amount of physical activity is required to switch over and doing them all at once seems silly.

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13 thoughts on “TalkTalk service could change

  1. Apparently those dates given are BTs quotes for when the changeover will be complete. So some of those could (should?) actually be finished and live.


  2. Plus there is the fact that the dates they gie out have been very optimistic ones anyway… Well does that mean that, as per, BT are the ones causing the issues for TT? If so then its a bit strange that going back to BT fixes the issue…Hmmm

    PS Why is there the php theme around this post?


  3. Well TalkTalk calim BT are slowing the changeover intentionally as well as providing a reduced service to the lines marked for changeover that haven’t moved yet.

    It’s also possible that after changeover service could get worse (for the few us who have a decent service right now).

    I’m not sure about the theme. It might be some old code based on the category (the current code supposed to be based just on keywords in the body of a post).


  4. Well BT have got a reputation for being a bit unorganized and slow when it comes to broadband, so who knows? Even with my ISP which is supposedly really good, when there has been problems in the past, ,the support request has ultimately been escalated to BT to fix… 😦


  5. Is it possible to refuse migration when TT unbundle my exchange (supposedly at the end of August)? Would this leave more options for change when my phone contract with TT expires?


  6. John, I believe I read somewhere in TTs blurb that they have the right to charge when their line is used by other providers. I would guess that means they would charge for example, if they own the line but you use another ISP.

    If like me, TT hold the line and the broadband, so by migrating to another ISP, I still have a line thats owned by TT. I am hopeful that by the time contract expires, I can move ISP AND line to new provider.

    I doubt any can refuse migration – see Ofcom’s page for information on migration 🙂


  7. My mother-in-law’s exchange (0207701 and 0207252), and my sister-in-law’s exchange (0208693) are definitely unbundled now. SIL is getting speeds of about 4.5Mbit/s, MIL about 5.4Mbit/s.

    I’ve just changed from Cable to BT, and have to “serve” three months. Having seen the problems here, and what happened to MIL and SIL, I will wait until my local exchange (0208599) is unbundled BEFORE I move over. I still have NTL Cable Broadband on its own, and this stays in place until everything else is totally sorted!


  8. I bought the Talktalk3 International for the broadband. I was told that my Modem would be adequate. After attempting to install the package I was informed that I needed to buy another Modem. I then bought the Talktalk Sartup Wireless networking Kit which I was told would connect. I then had to buy the microfilter and it still doesn’t work. I have spent two days wasting time and money trying to get the problem resolved but to no avail. Could a reader supply Charles Dunstone’s email address as the link no longer works. Any advice how to make some headway with these people?


  9. Hi,

    Same here, three day delay for email, disconnection every day and nil response from customer services. I suspect their replies are being lost along with the rest!
    Anyway ggo here and try to get OFCOM involved.
    Another crappy new labour quango I know but it might help.



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